Tuesday, November 1, 2011

End Scene!

While I love that Todd is involved in theater, and I love every one of the Twelfth Night guys, I am so very glad “The War of the Worlds” is over.  He was at rehearsals every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening for the past month, and then last week was tech week, so he was gone before I’d even get home from work, and by the time he got home, I was half asleep in bed.

I missed him a lot.

I know!!  Me!  Missing my husband!

So, for our anniversary this weekend, I booked a swanky hotel and told him that as soon as we check in, his phone gets  turned off.  No Collectibles stuff, no theater stuff, no nothing.  He’s all mine.  For 24 hours.  Hee.

While Todd was in tech week, I kept myself occupied with happy hours and lots of TV.   I got some good deep cleaning done on Saturday, since there were two shows that day, after a brief outing with Kayleigh, where I realized that everybody and their freakin’ brother was an idiot and I couldn’t handle it anymore.

Sometimes I think I need to up my dosage.

I brought in some theater cigarettes, decanters of iced tea, and ashtrays (or, candleholders that resembled ashtrays) for the office on Halloween.  Mad Men theme.  Super Boss was tickled.  Sick and coughing and hacking, but tickled.  I wore my pearls and little cardigan with the flower.  Sorry I didn’t take any pictures.  I just wasn’t as enthusiastic as I wanted to be.

But now that Halloween is over, we can start planning for the holidays!  A Very Karaoke Christmas party, DYI Christmas gifts, decorating the shit out of the house.  I wasn’t too gung ho last year, but I’m already feeling it this year.  Look out!!

Well, I’ll be feeling it more after I get a good 12 hour night sleep.  I’m dragging today.

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