Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Update Full of CHRISTMAS!

Well, the mister and I were uber productive this weekend. Yes, it's not even Thanksgiving, and yes, it's not even December, but you know what?

I am in the spirit, dammit.  This is a happy season!  I live for this season!

So, on Saturday, Todd and I put up the Christmas lights outside.  We framed the house, the front windows, ran garland across the porch and down the banister and around the front door and put net lighting on the stinkin' holly bush.  We WILL wait until after Turkey Day to put the red bows on the columns and the candy canes down the walkway.  I don't want people egging our house.

And today, we got a crap load of Christmas shopping done.  My goal is not have to hit a major store after December 10th.  That's realistic, right?

So, that's my weekend.  Cleaning after being sick for a week, and gettin' all Christmasy.  Now I have a three day work week, a happy hour, a shopping trip with our receptionist to get decorations for the office, and then decorating the office Wednesday after work. 

This week should just fly by.

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