Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Second Anniversary to Us!

I had big plans for our anniversary.  I reserved a swanky hotel (it has a heated pool and a spa).  We were going to have a lovely dinner.  We were going to have an early check in and a late check out and I wasn't going to let Todd answer his phone for a full 24 hours.  Just the two of us.  No kids, no cats, no laundry, no dishes, no nothin'.


Todd got sick last Tuesday, the day after "War of the Worlds" ended.  I had a touch of the sniffles and one of my bosses (not Super Boss - let's call him Master Chief (Todd's idea, from Halo) asked me twice if I needed to go home on Wednesday.  His pa is in the hospital so he absolutely cannot get sick right now.  I said I was okay and I'd just keep my distance and use a lot Purell.  No biggie.  I still met Rachelle for happy hour after work.

Unfortunately, I had the bright idea to take the bus home rather than drive (I'm so responsible!) and the bus broke eight blocks from my house, so rather than sit and wait (at 9pm) I decided to walk home.  In the rain.  Uphill.

Needless to say, I woke up Thursday morning sneezing and coughing and just in all kinds of pain.  So I decided to just stay home and not risk it.

And since Thursday was spent sleeping, coughing, sleeping, watching TV and cuddling with Tom, I did the even more responsible thing and cancelled our weekend.

We thought maybe we could at least go out and have dinner on Saturday night, but neither one of us could even muster the energy to get dressed, so....no.

By Sunday, Todd and I were both stir crazy and sick of TV so we started brainstorming about Christmas decorations.  This had been rolling around in our head since Halloween, what, with the neighbors pirate ship and giant spider and skeletons hanging off of their roof.  Todd and I started thinking about how elaborate we could be (maybe rig Santa and the reindeer to fly over the neighbors' house?), so he drew the yard and highlighted where the lights would go.  We penciled in the wreath, the garland, and other accessories (we're still in the planning phase) and started a shopping list.

I may have started a spreadsheet.  I'm really not at liberty to say.

We really wanted to go shopping around, but we were still sick and just didn't have the energy.  So we took a toodle down to the Junction and checked out the new Petco (love the aminals!) and picked up some cold meds and then dropped by A Terrible Beauty for a little more medicine (what?  The hillbillies used whiskey before there was Nyquil, right?) and then on to True Value to oogle the Christmas decorations and price lights.  By then we were exhausted, so we slowly wandered home, got back in our sweats, and crashed.  Yippee.

I had to go back to work Monday (being new and all) so okay, Todd would take the bus in and we'd have a swanky dinner on Monday, our actual anniversary!

Uh.  No.  When Todd and I talked on the phone around noon, he was feeling even worse and his stomach was upset, so what's the point on spending a crap load of money on a fancy dinner if it was just going to make Todd sick?

Sigh.  The stars just would not line up.

And here we are at Tuesday.  Kayleigh has been home for two days now with a fever and a cough and no voice.  Todd is tired, but starting to mend slowly and I'm still coughing up crap, but am loaded with energy.  So we hit Target this evening (after dinner!  I didn't even finish my wine!) and bought Christmas cards, and stationary and Christmas karaoke cds (A Very Karaoke Christmas!) and even little foil stickers to seal the envelopes!


Hee.  Can't wait!

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