Monday, May 10, 2010

Weekend Update

It  was a beautiful weekend here in Seattle.  Blue skies, 60 degrees, slight breeze.  If it was 10 degrees warmer, it would have been just perfect.

Friday night, the hubby and I attended the premiere of Star Trek Phoenix.  It was far from glamorous.  I should just leave it at that.  But Trish and Dan came too, so it was good to see them.  And afterwards, we walked down to the Icon Grill and had some cocktails.  So, a good night indeed.

Saturday, I got up and had breakfast with Stephanie down at Alki Cafe.

Love Alki Cafe.  Afterwards we went to get a mani and a pedi.  Well, I got the mani, she got the pedi.  She goes to a place in the Junction that's super cheap.  My mani was a mere $10.  And it's actually pretty good.  The paint hasn't even chipped yet.  I may have to go back there.  At $10, I can afford to actually maintain my nails.  Huh.

After Steph and I split, I went home to start cleaning for Todd's Rock Band Birthday gathering.  Then there was a store run, then preparing food.  Then time for guests.

And Steve came over.  Quite the shindig.  I think Mother's Day weekend was just a bad weekend to plan a party.  So next year, we'll celebrate the weekend before Mother's Day.

But we had fun with Steve.

And Sunday was Iron Man 2.  Woohoo!

But first, it was Mother's Day.  Todd gave me a lovely card and a cute pad of paper in pretty green tin, and Kayleigh gave me a card that said "Only a mother as fabulous as you could have a daughter as fabulous as me."  I told Todd, I may have had some help with her fabulousness.

Now, the movie.  I have to say, Iron Man is one of my very favorite movies.  Robert Downey Jr is just so good and the chemistry everyone has is so good and the writing is very quick and funny.  I just love it.  And Iron Man 2 was just as good.  I was sad when it was over (except I had to pee really, really bad so it was actually good that it ended when it did.  Or we would have had a problem).

After Iron Man 2 was lunch at Mama's Mexican Kitchen (yummy!) and then back home to bask in the sunshine for two hours and read my book.  I also chatted with our neighbor for a bit and got to see inside her house.  Always fun.

And later, some TV and kitty time.  They are the cutest putties ever.

Except one of the putties has been peeing on the bathroom rug.  I finally washed the rugs on Saturday, and about 10 minutes after I put it back down on the bathroom floor, there was a pee spot.  I think the static electricity startled one of them, and they accidentally peed.  So we washed the rug again, and again, about 10 minutes after putting it back down, there was another pee spot.  Same place.  So I'm guessing maybe the same one smelled the pee (even though the rug was clean) and peed there again.

Sound feasible?  Any thoughts?

In any event, it's a good thing they're cute, huh?


Dee said...

Throw the rug away and buy a new one. :)

bob said...

Once a kitty toilette, always a toilette. Get a new one. Cat, I mean. Or rug, maybe.

Lucy Leadskin said...

Or have you tried a wash on the sanitary setting, with Simple Green? Works for us. :)