Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Am Oozing With Spirit

It's 5pm and I'm still at work.
But I'm done working.

Now I'm decorating.  Tomorrow is Aloha Friday.  We get to wear Hawaiian shirts.  Yippee.
But you know Rae-rae can't stop with Hawaiian shirts.  Oh no.

I have three grass table skirts.  And mini candle tiki torches.  And tiki cups.  And leis.  And palm tree lights.  And a cardboard Polynesian guy.  Hawt.

Mr. Cranky Non-Decorating Co-Worker will be ELATED to discover that I have decorated his cube, too!  Somehow I ended up with a 30 foot green grass skirt in my arsenal.  It fits along three walls of the uber cube he shares with Matabulor (herein known as Kermit - he's a green dude).  Fantastic.

I will bring my camera tomorrow and take photos.
You will be pleased.

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