Friday, May 7, 2010

Random Thoughts

Or, I Hate Blogger.

No, I don’t hate Blogger. It just bugs me. Actually, it embarrasses me because it is one of the easiest blogger sites to use and I yet I still can’t do it without screwing up and deleting a very long and funny post when I try to insert a picture.


So, I have to retype the whole damn thing. I don’t know if I can recreate the funny.


Yesterday, we went out to Pegasus for Todd’s birthday. We were going to be good and cook dinner, but we forgot to lay out the strip steak and we were tired so we took that as a sign to go out.

We came home to eat the cakes that Kayleigh and I had made the night before. Two cakes. Because the birthday boy likes the coconut icing that you put on German chocolate cakes, but the kids don’t. So, two cakes.

And notice my creativity there. I had bought a 4 candle and a 2 candle, but when I went to put them on the cake, the 2 was broken. So I used two single candles. Yes, there’s math involved, but it wasn’t too painful.

Get it? Too? 2?

I’m so funny.


This weekend is Todd’s birthday celebrations, Rock Band gathering Saturday night and Iron Man 2 at the Cinerama on Sunday, followed by a late lunch at Mama’s Mexican Kitchen.

However, when planning this a month ago, I failed to remember that Sunday is Mother’s Day. So it looks like I’ll be staring at Robert Downey Jr for Mother’s Day. Which ain’t so bad.


You know what I like to do to really depress myself?

Look at million dollar homes on

But then I make myself feel better by critiquing them. Pink walls? Who told them that was a good idea?


I no longer wear my nose ring.

Well, I can’t actually get my nose ring in now.

I took it out because of all the sinus issues and it was just getting in the way, and I just ended up leaving it out. When I tried to put it back in a few days ago, I couldn’t. The hole has closed up. And I’m okay with that.

It’s much easier to blow my nose now.


Tonight Todd and I are attending the Star Trek Phoenix premiere. Some local people that Todd knows have done a fan film, so we have to go hobnob. And I get to be arm candy on the big Director’s arm.

It’s all very glamorous.


And now, I’ll leave you with a picture of Tom, which I have titled:

Exactly When Will You Be Petting Me?

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Kristin said...

Love the pic of Tom. Good title too. Hilarious.