Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And This Is Why I Shouldn’t Cook

I made dinner last night. Very rare.

But it was our nine month anniversary and we thought the kids were going to be at their uncle’s, so I said I’d make my man dinner and we’d crack open a bottle of wine and get all crazy like a couple of kidless youngsters.

Well, plans changed, so I made dinner for the family. No biggie, but cooking for the kids limits me more than just cooking for Todd. So, I decided rather than getting all kinds of creative, I would make a relatively easy dinner.


I’m not good with nutrition. I don’t know which foods go together to help with digestion and which foods should be avoided with other foods. I just like food and I like a theme, so I put stuff together that I think works. Without thinking of the consequences.

So, dinner last night was red beans and rice, sausage, brussel sprouts (shut up, I love ‘em) and cornbread.

And as noted in the past, when I make dinner, by gawd, I make dinner. Complete with dessert (which was angel food cake, strawberries, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and whipped cream).

[chirp, chirp]

Do I really need to tell you where this is going?

At 11:00 last night, TBFE had some stomach cramps that probably gave him a good indication of what women go through every month. There were some gurgles that startled both of us and a few moanings that took the shape of “ah gawd”.

I felt so bad. I apologized over and over and finally said, “Maybe we should just stick with you making dinner. Maybe I shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen......”

Martha Stewart would be so ashamed of me.

Oddly enough, the kids love the red beans and rice and cornbread, and even had two helpings! Score for Rae-rae! They didn't care for the brussel sprouts, but that's okay. At least they tried them. I haven't heard how their stomachs are doing today.


Guess it's good thing I like to clean, huh?


Anonymous said...

Girl, you can come cook for me anytime! There was nothing wrong with that meal and it had all the right food groups; might have been nice to have a second veggie, but not required. The meal you described should not have caused any trouble. (Now, Todd may want to check for dairy allergies, which would bring about what you describe, providing the other ingredients in the main meal were not tainted with food poisoning.) BTW:I have a great brussel sprout recipe for you - will send it along soon. hugs - sharon

TD said...

I'm pretty sure it was the sausage. We'll just make it without next time. :)

Dee said...

I also love brussel sprouts and I think that meal sounded fantastic! I wouldn't have hesitated to eat any of it, but then again I have an iron stomach. I mix all kinds of things together and never have a problem.

Anonymous said...

All sounds good to me. As long as you didn't put sugar in the cornbread. You didn't put sugar in the cornbread, did you? (I have rules about cornbread)

Raechelle said...

Oh my gawd.
I put sugar in the cornbread.

The directions said if you wanted sweeter cornbread, to put a teaspoon of sugar in it!! I wanted it sweeter!

I'm so sorry.
So very sorry. Never again. Promise.