Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Update

Mondays are so much better when you get smoochies as you leave for work. By your boyfriend, not just by some random neighbor that you've accosted. Trust me on that.

As mentioned in said boyfriends' blog, Friday was dinner with Kenni and Joel. Sneaky, sneaky Joel.

But before dinner, Todd and I went to Target to get me a nightguard. Look at me, actually following a professional's advice. Well, I got two sport mouthguards. One for my place, one for Todd's place, because I'm one of those tramps now who keeps her shampoo, soap, toothbrush and deodorant at her boyfriend's house. We haven't progressed to clothing yet, so you parents can just settle down. It's just toiletries at this point. And mouthguards.

Speaking of which, could this picture BE any cuter:

Tiny little girly deodorant, and big manly tall deodorant. That's me and Todd, in a nutshell. And no, I'm not afraid to show you our deodorant. So there.

Where was I?

Oh, mouthguards.

So I bought two of them, and did the whole boiling thing and, holy crap, those things are HUGE. There is no way I would be able to sleep with that huge chunk of....whatever..... in my mouth. I'd rather just go for the root canal. One time shot, lots of good drugs afterwards.

But, upon further consideration, I tried my whitening tray that I got a few years ago. Same concept. Plastic, molded to my teeth. I used it Saturday night and wala! No headache Sunday morning. I'll try it for a couple of weeks and see if the pain lets up. I'll keep you posted. Because I know you're just on the edge of your seat, aren't you?

So after the mouthguard experiment, off to dinner. I'm going to forget to mention the Raechelle's-an-idiot-and-walked-into-the-men's-room-AGAIN-story. Unlike Todd. Thanks, babe.

Saturday was a Bellingham trip. Farmer's market, meeting Todd's sister and niece, then lunch and shopping with his mom and a visit with his grandparents. Then I branched off and met up with Jamie for din din, and back home where I tried to stay up for Saturday Night Live, but was unable. Because, apparently, I am no longer a young whipper snapper.

Esther had friends over around 8:30 Sunday morning, so I was awake bright and early. It seems they were hanging out in her bedroom and bathroom which is, of course, right above my bedroom and bathroom, and they were quite chipper (and loud). So I tried to be optimistic and take it as a sign to get my day started. Four cups of coffee helped.

That afternoon, I visited with Kim, Tim and Milo for a bit. Then Kim accompanied me to Macy's for a quick shopping trip, including the dreaded bathing suit search since I'll be in beautiful California for a week. And, I swear to gawd, not one bottom that I tried on covered my butt. And you know my butt ain't that big. The suits are just getting smaller and smaller. I told Kim, if I wanted my ass to show, I'd just go naked. What's the point in spending $60 on a suit when I'm hardly covered? So, bathing suit shopping was a bust.

On the way home from shopping, Ruby almost got creamed by a very large and green minivan. That thing wanted in my lane something fierce, so to get out of her way, we went up on the curb. Scared the crap out of all of us. I think Ruby was actually shaking on the rest of the drive. So, to calm her down, I took her to Brown Bear and gave her a good washing and vacuuming. She seemed okay after that. Poor baby....

And then back to Todd's for dinner. But first, a quick trip to Marshall's, just to see if maybe they had any bathing suits left. And wouldn't you know it? Found a suit. That is the exact same style and cut as the one I just gave to Goodwill four months ago. Perfect. This one is brown and blue though. I tell you this because you probably will not ever see a picture of me in it. Unless I'm drunk. Which, let's face it, is not unheard of.

So, shopping, dinner, a nice chat with Tyler then Jim Gaffigan. Oh my gawd, Todd and I laughed until our throats hurt. He is freakin' hysterical. "Have you tried the Hot Pocket Hot Pocket? It's the Hot Pocket filled with a Hot Pocket. Tastes just like a Hot Pocket. Hot Pocket...."

What a nice way to end the weekend.

And here we are at Monday! Ack.

Actually, my day isn't too bad. Time flies when you....uh....don't work.

Oh, kidding, kidding. I work. Occasionally. Most of the time.



TD said...

Sorry babe, but the bathroom story is just too cute not to share.

Besides, I thought it was cute. ;-)

Seattle Lu said...

amen on the swimsuits :-)