Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Thoughts

I can't remember what I'm doing when I walk in the kitchen sometimes, but I can remember random Spanish words, like most of the months (Abril, Septiembre, Octubre, Noviembre, Diciembre - apparently I can even remember how to spell them), frio (cold) and imposible (impossible).



We have officially hit winter in Seattle. The high is supposed to be 62 today and it's rained for the past five days. Fine with me. It's more fun to watch football when it's cold. And you don't sweat when you cuddle.


Had din din with Jamie last night. We've gotten into the habit of making a once a week dinner date. I love that. We went to La Carta de Oaxaca, an authentic, yet overhyped, Mexican joint. The food is okay, I guess, but there's always this long line of people out the door trying to get in. My theory is that one person (probably from Fremont - MeOw!) deemed it "trendy" and suddenly everyone and their freakin' brother has to go there, thus making Ballard just as crowded and frustrating as Fremont. West Seattle ain't lookin' so bad these days.


Have I given you an update on the mouthguard situation? No? Well!

I used my whitening tray for a few nights and that helped the pain in the tooth, but rubbed the roof of my mouth raw. Poo. So, I sucked it up and spent $18 on an official NightGuard. Which was a complete joke. With Kayleigh's assistance, we boiled this thing according to the directions, then I put it in my mouth and bit down so that my teeth would make an impression and it would fit snuggly.

Crock o' shit.

Either it's a complete rip off or my jaws are just not strong enough to bite down as far as I need to. Regardless, my teeth only left a tiny little dent in the tray. So I'll send it back. Because there's a little "Satisfaction Guaranteed" note on the side of the box. And I am not satisfied.

And my tooth still hurts.


Red meat is no longer my friend. We were never really buds. Merely acquaintances. But after the pirate party in CA and me treating myself to a big ol' chunk of it, well, red meat is no longer my friend.

It was somewhat entertaining though when, after I took a big bite of said red meat and "juice" (let's just say "juice" "juice") dripped down onto my chest (not boobs....just chest), I got to act out a little vampire victim scenario for Todd's friends, with his help. Maybe that could also be considered an audition? Cause, ya know, I'm datin' a director.


I'm freezing right now.
If my fingernails weren't painted red (hussy red!) then they would be blue.
I want my sweatshirt.

(This is not a haiku.)


Apparently homecoming season is upon us!

The majority my blog hits are coming from a google search for "homecoming mums". The gals are getting excited about what their boys are going to get for them! Or maybe it's the boys who are googling so they know what the gals want?

Maybe Todd and I should go to the West Seattle High homecoming football game. And he can buy me a mum and I'll buy him a garter. And maybe I'll get a pimple right on the end of my nose. Just like high school! Ah, to relive my youth!

Excuse me while I throw up........

At least I'd get to make out with a boy after the game.



That's all I got.



TD said...

Aw hell, we don't need to go to a game to get me to make out with ya!


Anonymous said...

ahem! I believe that I'm still waiting for a mum, missy... ;-)

Dee said...

Oh, my - you are a trip. Anywho, maybe you'd like red meat better if it was cooked. If you have red juice dripping on you, it probably needs to be cooked longer. I'm not a fan of raw meat (excuse me, rare or medium rare or even medium well). If you're gonna eat it, it should be cooked all the way. Now all your readers can comment on how I "ruin a steak" as my husband likes to tell me. But at least I don't have red juice dripping on me. Oh, gross, my stomach is turning just thinking about it. Sorry about the rambling. ;>)

TD said...

Amen, Dee. I don't eat red meat unless it's brown all the way through.