Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just One Of The Things I Do To Amuse Myself

Every month I write out a rent check. And I put it in a plain white envelope. But mama always taught me not to just put a check in a plain white envelope because you can see that it's a check and someone might steal it. So I have to wrap the check in a piece of paper so you can't see that it's a check.

With me?

Well, using a piece of plain white printer paper was getting annoying. It was a lot of folding. The envelopes aren't the big long envelopes. They're the short ones. So the paper was always way too big and well, I'm exhausted just typing about it.

A few years ago, I ran across these great pads and gadgets in a stationary store. Their stuff is hilarious (be sure to check out the website).

I bought this pad:

I thought Steve would find it helpful. I actually used to fill a sheet out and put it on his keyboard so that when he got home, he'd be in the loop.

Anywho, the width of the paper is the exact width of the envelope. So now, I wrap my check up in a Mood Alert sheet.

And I fill out.

Some days, my overall mood rating is a 3, some days it's a 9.

I'm curious if the person who opens the mail at Ballard Realty enjoys seeing what mood I'm in when I write out my rent check. I hope they chuckle.


Dee said...

I would chuckle if I opened your rent check and saw your mood alert. You probably make their day!

Anonymous said...

If it were the same person every month, they'd probably get pretty good at reading the kind of person you are. And might therefore take notice if you filled it out somewhat negatively one time if you'd been pretty upbeat most of the times before. They might even send flowers or a note of concern. Little dramas.