Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

My ears are still popping from the flight home last Thursday. What happens to make it so bad sometimes? Some landings are great! No poppage at all. Are there just some good pilots and some bad pilots?

Are any of my readers pilots? Could you please explain this phenomenon to me?


I'm thinking I may need a root canal. I've got a problem cavity that was filled the year I moved here and, although my dentist has taken out the bad filling and put in good filling, it's now throbbing pretty much regularly.

I've read what happens during a root canal. And I am none too happy about it. I may willingly give up my arm for the IV that will knock me out. And that's saying a lot.


I have a paper cut between my first and middle finger. Helluva place for a papercut. I may start applying for worker's comp for crap like this.


Warning: the sauce that comes on the veggie quesadilla at Tacos Guaymas is freakin' hot. If you don't do spicy (like me) maybe ask for them to leave it off. Much less painful. I will remember next time.

Also, when you go to their website, there's music. And there's no way to turn it off. And it's really annoying. Just FYI.


I would like to ask for some good juju, please.
There are changes coming on at work (things I dare not blog about) and some good juju would help me considerably. I'm not in jeopardy of losing my job, but there are "changes". Just work with me, okay?


The Ex and I spoke last weekend. It seems we will both be at Milo's first birthday party this Saturday, so we thought it would be a good idea to break the ice in advance, rather than in front of Milo. He's too young for that kind of drama.

He sounds good (the Ex, not Milo. Milo can't talk yet.) And happy. It was a nice chat. I'm looking forward to seeing him. We will have our significant others in tow as well, so maybe some positive juju on Saturday around 3pm would be a good idea, too. You know, if you're not doing anything.


Dan Heinrich said...

Won't be doing anything that precludes juju sending. Consider the positives sent for both.

Anonymous said...

Not sure what juju is but I'm assuming it's good wishes/vibes or positive thoughts. Consider it done (if that's what it is). ;>)

Anonymous said...

I'm sending you every bit of juju I can muster up! I'm thinking positive - everything will look much better for you by Sept. or Oct. I have spoken! (My "I have spoken" means so much, huh??)

Love ya, Mom

The Hamilton's said...

Root canals....no fun. I just had one about 3 weeks ago. It was my third. I guess my first was about 10+ years ago. Just make sure you get someone that numbs your mouth really, really well. ;-)