Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Reason #129 Why I Love My Man

Todd brought me lunch today.

And what did he bring, you ask?


The man is allergic to shellfish and he brings sushi for lunch. That's love, baby.

We walked down to the lake, spread a blanket and had California rolls (dude, funny, since he's from Santa Cruz) and cucumber rolls. Then we just looked at the water and baked in the sunshine for an hour.

What a nice Wednesday.

1 comment:

tbone said...

Wait. I don't think you've yet listed the other 128 reasons... any why do you have no key word "Todd" or "most awesomest boyfriend ever"?

Was that needy?


Seriously, it was my pleasure. For the record, I love the cucumber rolls. And it's so much better than Subway all the time (or most any time).

Love you too, babe.