Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Wine + Chocolate = Life's Band Aid

How does a formerly depressed party girl handle the bugger of a curve ball that life has just thrown at her?

She goes to Ray's Boathouse with Jamie and has two glasses of wine and big ol' piece of chocolate carmel cake for lunch.

Now, she gives herself permission for this midday overindulgence because 1) she is in a safe environment with her girlfriend 2) there are no cute boys around inwhich to lure her into a precarious situation (well, there are, but Jamie is a true friend and nips that in the bud before Party Girl can even say "Hey baby!") and 3) she leaves her cell phone at home so she cannot drunk text or dial anyone of importance. Our Party Girl has taken all necessary precautions.

It must have been an okay decision because life is looking much better this morning. And our Party Girl has survived relatively unscathed.

Except for a slightly bruised heart.

1 comment:

dee said...

Why do you have a bruised heart? I think you're leaving out some details.