Sunday, January 20, 2008

Why I'm More Than Happy To Pay People To Sew For Me

I sewed my curtain tonight. I had doublesided tape holding the seam together, but when the curtain got stuck in the vacuum this evening because the doublesided tape was no longer working and the curtain was hanging lower because the seam was ripped, I decided to just stitch it up real quick.

My battle cry? "How hard can it be?!"

Actually, not hard at all. Not pretty at all, either. But when the curtain is hanging, you can't even tell that 1) I used yellow thread because it was the closest match to the green curtain and 2) the seam is far from straight.

Just call me the happy homemaker.


Mom said...

That's beautiful - I'm proud of you for trying!

Anonymous said...

I would have put staples in...but I am lazy like that. I actually used to staple a hem in my jeans...sad :(

Richard said...

Staples are a good idea. Most of my pant legs match your curtains, Raechelle.