Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I Aspire To Be On A Bandwagon And I Didn't Even Know It

I've been saying I want to dye my hair red. Flat out red. No highlights. No foiling. But just all over red. And my bangs are growing out, so they're starting to swoop over to the side. Not as much as the pictures below, because I don't have enough product to get them to stay like that.

In my web surfing today, I've noticed a pattern.

I watched Superbad last night, and this is Emma Stone, who played Jules:

A Fine Frenzy's "Almost Lover" has been playing non-stop on my iPod for two months now. This is the lead singer, Alison Sudol:

Along with "Almost Lover", Rilo Kiley's "Portion for Foxes" is on constant play as well. I know, how can I play both songs constantly? Well, one is fast, one is slow. Depends on my mood. Anyway, this is Jenny Lewis, lead singer of Rilo Kiley:

There is a definite trend. And, to me, they all look like my cousin, Kristin. Why couldn't I have gotten the red hair gene?

This is how interesting my day is.


dee said...

Did you know that the red hair gene is going away? I read that somewhere - that by 2000 something or other there will be no more redheads! Kristin and I could be one of the remaining few!

Cousin Kristin said...

You think those girls look like me? Interesting. It's probbaly just the red hair. Anywho, I highly suggest going red. There's no better color, girl. And the boys just love it! You can get away w/being so bossy and they just think it's hot b/c of the stereotype that "redheads have a temper." But really, I'm just bossy...red hair or not. :)

gardengirl said...

It's a good thing.