Friday, October 26, 2007

New Phone, Friday Night, Dog Shit

First of all, would someone PLEASE call me? My new phone has not rung in a week, I am not joking. Cyn and McP have been out of town, and Shaun and I have been emailing, so I have no idea what my new phone sounds like. Texting is good too. I think that's a different tone. If I weren't in such a peaceful and zen like state of mind, I could see how I could take this no phone call thing personally, thus decending down into the pit of dispair, where I would lay in my brand new bed the entire weekend and wonder why no one loves me and what the hell did I do to the universe to deserve such cruelty.

But alas........I am very peaceful. I am loved. Ohmmmm

In other news, I think I'm getting better at this alone thing. It's Friday night and I've chosen to stay home. Alone. I was invited to a Halloween party, where I could have worn the Bloody Mary dress, which I absolutely love. But I chose to stay home. Cyn texted and wanted to meet up for a drink in Fremont, but I texted back and said I wasn't up for leaving the apartment. I made a lovely little dinner, I'm enjoying my second glass of chardonnay and I just watched Singles. It's one of my favorite movies. And it's even more entertaining now that I live in Seattle and can pinpoint where scenes were filmed. I'm very cool like that.

Let's see, what else is going on.

Oh, it's beautiful here again today. This is the view out my kitchen window:

Look at that blue sky! I actually couldn't wait to get home and go for a walk so I could watch the sunset again at Sunset Hill Park. Three walks this week! I'm at 136 now (I was 149 on June 9th - I do not fear the numbers.....) so I'm suddenly very motivated to walk more. I see results and boy howdy, I like what I see. And as long as we have this beautiful weather, walkin' ain't so hard. Now, when the rain and darkness sets in, I may have to rethink my strategy. But I can't stop the momentum now. The holidays are coming (which means lots and lots of chocolate covered cherries......lots of them) so I've got to keep on it.

And I've discovered Vitamin Water. Cyn turned me onto this stuff when I showed up at her apartment one morning, severly hungover and sad, unable to eat or even sit upright. She fed me toast with cheese and forced me to drink a big bottle of Vitamin Water. And it was yummy. Since I have this little problem of not drinking enough water, I thought I'd try keeping my fridge stocked with this stuff. And man, am I going through it. Normally in the car:

Ruby is not happy with me at all. She's filthy, she has dog shit on her pedals* and now empty, plastic water bottles in her backseat. I think I hear her asking "What is happening to you? Remember when you wouldn't let people with dirty shoes get in me? Remember when you'd freak out if you couldn't smell that new car smell? Now you're leaving garbage in my back seat because you're too lazy (loaded word) to carry it in the apartment?" Yeah, yeah, get off my back, Ruby. I've been busy. Just chill out. You'll get a bath soon.

*Dog shit - I got in my car Sunday, on my way to Shaun's, and about four minutes into the drive I felt a mud-like substance on my right shoe and on the gas pedal. My first instinct was to drag my shoe across my floormat to wipe my shoe off. As soon as I did that, the smell hit me. Crap. Literally. I pulled over to a 7-11 and after surveying the damage, threw the floormat away. There was no way I was going to shampoo that thing. I'll just buy new $20 Fred Meyer floor mats. I drug (dragged?) my shoe through the grass numerous times and took a wad of moistened paper towels to the gas and break pedals to clean the dog shit off but there's still some stuck in the grooves.

A note to dog owners, from a non-dog owner: I don't own a dog for a reason. I don't like the smell of dog shit, and I don't like dealing with dog shit. Most Seattle dog owners are very responsible and clean up after their pooch. Good on ya! But one dog owner, who walks their (I'm guessing) very large dog down 56th, is not so responsible. And to that person, I would like to say, "You freakin' suck." And you owe me money for my floor mat that is now in a trash can at 7-11 with dog shit on it.

But I am at peace and zen-like on this lovely evening, so we don't need to dwell on such negative topics.

Happy weekend to you!

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Mom said...

You ought to be ashamed of yourself for treating Ruby like that! She deserves better. Get your butt out there and clean her up.................
(And watch where you walk!)