Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bartell Drugs

I love shopping at Bartell's. I think the "s" is wrong, but that's just how it comes out.

I walked down to Market Street this afternoon, just to get out and enjoy the fall weather. I went into the local kitchen shop and, of course, found all kinds of things I really NEED. But I refrained.

I visited the newest boutique shop that had a really great set of pajamas.....for $119. And they just were cotton. Baffling. I went into Don Willis furniture. That's where Steve and I were going to buy the custom made bed from last year. I wanted to see if they had any headboards, and they did, but I'd just be better off saving my money and buying a full bed one day.

I was drawn into LaTienda because they have a great Day of the Dead display near the door. McP is hosting another Day of the Dead gathering this year and I just had to see if there was anything we NEEDED for the party. I found a lot that would have been great (sugar skulls, skeleton paper plates, glass salt and pepper shakers with skeletons etched in them) but again, I refrained. I have a haircut Tuesday that I have to save up for.

And then I just wandered into Bartell's and ended up spending an hour in there. They just have all kinds of stuff to look at. And buy.

Exhibit A (note the homemade Halloween card from mom in the background. She's so sweet):

Oh, at $.79 each how could I not?! And you know I'm saving money because I debated over buying them for 15 minutes. So now I feel like I splurged and treated myself to some cutesy stuff. I also talked myself out of buying a box of Pillsbury brownie mix (on sale for $.99!!) and ice cream. I must have looked crazy because I was talking to myself like a child.

"You've been doing so good, you don't need ice cream. You'll be just fine without those brownies. You're going to have dessert Monday night at dinner and there's cake on Friday at work, so you'll be just fine. If you want dessert tonight, you can have hot chocolate. With whipped cream. But just a little...."

So I didn't bring home any sweets.

But I did bring home some incense. That whole line in the John Mayer song, "I'm gonna do some things you wouldn't let me do...." Well, one of those things is burn incense. So I'm burnin' incense. Feel the power....

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Mom said...

Don't make fun of my homemade Halloween card or you won't get anymore cards! And besides that, it reminded me of Goober when I make him mad.....