Friday, October 26, 2007

Music Makes It All Better

John Mayer is currently the soundtrack of my life. I downloaded all seven albums that iTunes had, which makes for 42 songs. And it's like some of the songs were written just for me, just for this period of time in my life.

Comfortable - "Our love was comfortable, so broken in....."

I couldn't listen to this song without crying for three months. I don't think Steve has even heard it, but it was just perfect. After the bottom of the barrel night at Lock & Keel, I can now listen to this song without crying. That's sayin' something.

Something's Missing - "I'm not alone, I wish I was, cause then I'd know, I'm down because..."

Life is great, but still......something's missing.....

In Repair - "I'm in repair, I'm not together, but I'm getting there..."

No comment necessary.

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - "Don't you think we oughta know by now, Don't you think we should have learned somehow?"

Clinging to love when you're just going down in flames....ack.

Daughters - "Fathers be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do"

Makes me want babies. Dunno know why.

Good Love is on the Way - "I been lonely but I know I'll be okay, Good love is on the way"

Hope. Possibility. Optimism. Yes, life has been suckin' but good love is on the way.

Out of My Mind - "I'm putting you baby, I'm putting you right out of my mind"

Very bluesy. Bellyrubbin' music. A song written for a break up. Grrr.

I'm Gonna Find Another You - "I'm gonna do some things, you wouldn't let me do, I'm gonna find another you"

Not that I didn't do things because I couldn't. It's just a nice yeah-I-can-do-whatever-the-hell-I-want-baby kind of line.

I have a whole playlist on my iPod that is Inspirational Break Up Music. I listen to it when I need to be reminded that this is all a good thing. Perks me up.

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