Sunday, March 17, 2013

Visiting the Folks, Travel

So, Friday night/Saturday morning was just traveling.  I flew out at 10:15pm*, got into Philly at 6:30am, waited around for almost three hours because the flight was delayed, finally flew out at 9:00am.  Got to Pittsburgh at 10:15am,waited in line at Enterprise for almost 30 minutes, finally got my rental car (a new while Beetle) and headed out. 

And stopped at the first Starbucks that showed up on my map.  Venti non-fat latte.  Yeah baby.

Back on the freeway for two hours, then I hit Kroger to stock up on Raechelle friendly food - rice cakes, rice crackers, smoothie makings, oatmeal, juice, fruit.  Ya know - not cake and cinnamon rolls.

Finally got to mom and dad's at 3pm.  The next few hours were spent catching up on Aunt Jeannie's graveside service and Janie's memorial.

And then dinnertime!  Chef salad.  I think mom is trying to make me happy. 

Then smoothie time (or cake and ice cream time for mom and dad) and then bed.  Whew.  But first a phone call to my hubby, who was playing online, so we didn't chat long.  Which fine because at this point, it was extremely hard to keep my eyes open.

*Okay, the flight.  It sucked.  Big time.

And I think it was the pizza that we had for dinner.  We got a gluten free crust, but I think it was still way too much cheese.  My stomach was absolutely miserable the during the entire flight.  I couldn't sleep at all, and I felt so bad that I had to have the girls beside me (because of course, I was in the window seat) wake up and move so I could go back to the bathroom, numerous times. 


By the time I got on the second flight at Philly, things were much better.  Thank goodness.

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