Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Not A Good Day

I can't really determine why it's not a good day.  Could be kid crap (kid crap is very challenging right now).  Could be the gloomy weather.  Could be the lack of fruits and veggies in my body.  Could be the gluten, sugar and caffeine in my body.  Could be that I keep biting the same freakin' place on my lip and it's just pissing me off.

Who knows?

After Saturday, I was convinced my mood was a gluten reaction.  But today, I'm not so sure.  It might be the caffeine.  Maybe I'll try going off that again?  Or I could just say screw it and make it easy and just go back on the cleanse and stay there.  I don't remember feeling this grrr in the last month.

I've also noticed that my digestion is just as bad as before the cleanse.  I won't go into detail but, trust me, it's not good.  It's "normal" for me, but it's not good.

I've also started weaning my prednisone a bit more - 10 mgs one day, 5 mgs the next day.  I know there's less in my system because last night I got on a huge sneezing fit.  Which sucked.  I've gotten used to not sneezing and sniffling.  Now that my immune system is actually starting to function again, here come the allergies.  Wonderful.

There is a bright side to my week though.  I'm flying to West Virginia on a red eye Friday night.  My sister bought me a ticket.  Gawd bless her.  I get to hang with folks until next Wednesday, and elated doesn't even begin to describe how happy I am. 

If I can just make it through this week.

I make no guarantees.

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