Thursday, March 21, 2013

Visiting the Folks, Day 4

Up at 10:30am  Because I told mom to wake me.

Moving slow.  I don't have to leave until 1:30pm.  There's the three hour drive to Pittsburgh to catch my 6:55pm flight home.

So I shower, pluck my eyebrows, pack my stuff.

Mom and I run down to the Goody Basket to pick up some fresh made rolls.  Look at us!  Leaving the house two days in a row!

Then it's time to leave.  Sniff.  There's lots of hugs, and a few choked back tears.  I always think it's the last time I'm going to see them.  Goober refuses to come say goodbye.  He is not happy with me.

I stop halfway to Pittsburg to pee and buy coffee.  It's a really long drive.  Too long.

And as soon as I get to the airport, it starts snowing.  Beautiful.

I have an hour until I board, so I plop down at the TGIFridays across from my gate and order a glass of Pinot Gris and log onto work. 

And it is totally not my fault that the flatbread I ordered was a smidge burnt so the waitress felt the need to compensate me with a free glass of wine, which I couldn't turn down because that would have been rude, right?

However, my new lightweight status made it challenging to make sure I had all of my belongings and made it to the correct gate.  But mission accomplished!

And I slept the whole way to Minneapolis.  Which was wonderful.

At Minneapolis, I found my gate, and wouldn't you know it, there was wine bar right next to it.  They had a Viognier!  Well, how could I not?  I had an hour and a half to kill.

Time to board, and thank goodness, the middle seat was empty for the entire flight.  So I snoozed all the way to Seattle.  Where I landed at a little after 11pm, and Todd picked me up and I was in bed by 12:30am. 

And up at 7:30am to dash off to work, after picking up a big ass latte.

I live a crazy life.  I know.

At least I have a short week.  I think I can make it a mere two days.  Hopefully.  Maybe.

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