Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Visiting the Folks, Day 3

Up at 10:30am.  Going back to work on Thursday is going to be a rude awakening.

Standard breakfast.

And then!  Time to leave the house!  I shower, mom gets dressed and off we go!

Stopped at the Goody Basket to get some sweets (oh my gawd the chocolate no bake cookies.  oy...), then head to the local grocery store for dinner fixins.  I'm making fajitas with refried beans mexican rice.  Taco Tuesday!  Except dad won't eat mexican food unless he has pico de gallo.  So, of course, that's the first thing we need to get.  But Shop-n-Save does not have pico de gallo.  I'm pretty sure Shop-n-Save doesn't know what pico de gallo is.  Okay, no worries.  We can make it! 

But Shop-N-Save doesn't have cilantro either.  Oh, for the love of puppies!  I may have rethink this whole vacation cottage thing.

So off to Kroger, 20 minutes away, to get pico de gallo.  But they don't have any either, but they do have cilantro, so okay fine, we'll make the pico de gallo. 

We pick up a few other things (wine!) then head back to Belington to drop off some clothes at the thrift shop, then pick up some prescriptions.  And then back home to start dinner.

And wow, was it an adventure.  I was in charge of slicing up the strip steak and cooking it.  Ug.  Everything else was easy.  Especially since mom offered to make the pico de gallo.  Oh, I love that woman.  She started chopping, but that got tedious so we tried the chop feature on the blender.  Which is a joke, by the way.  *whirrrr* shake the stuff up *whirrrr* shake the stuff up *whirrr*  Things got half chopped, half pureed.  But woohoo!  We've got pico de gallo. 

But wait!  Gotta chop the cilantro!  Mom has never worked with cilantro.  I told her to rinse it, then go outside and shake the hell out of it.  And she did. It was cute.  Then I told her scissors would probably be easier than using a knife to chop it.  So she sits down at the table, makes that first cut, and doesn't stop bitching about the smell until we're sitting down to dinner and we've put the pico far away from her.

She and dad both loved Taco Tuesday.  I don't think you realize how big of a deal this is.  Rarely can I ever make anything that they 1) heard of, 2) approve of, 3) actually will eat or 4) actually like.  So the fact that mom was so full she was sick to her stomach - BOOYA!

As I pat myself on the back, I clean up dinner, then mom sweeps up, then pour myself a glass of Zinfandel and have a no-bake cookie (yum) and now I sit, watching TV with mom and surfing.  This will continue until about 10pm, and then I'll go to bed.  I do love visiting the folks.


Pic(s) of the day:

Mama's Pico de Gallo

Fajita meat & peppers, rice and beans.

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