Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Random Crap

So, my transition back into Seattle life was not so smooth.  I very much enjoyed the lack of obligation, other than to wake up before noon so I could visit with mom and dad.  And then there's the three hour drive to and from the airport, which just gives me way too much time to think. 

And fester.

By the time I got home, I was just irked.  At all kinds of things that I shouldn't have been irked at.  But Todd and I had a healthy, adult discussion over dinner on Thursday night and he understood my concerns (or was terrified of me, I don't know) so all is good.


I had my monthly doctor's appointment and blood draw this morning.  Haven't gotten the results back but Dr. D assures me that his nurse will call me with the results.  No more waiting around for a week. 

The blood draw also went much better, as I refused to go to the mean, incompetent lady that hurt me last night.  She called my name (Raychell!?  Raychell?!) and I politely said, "I will wait for Ashante."  So there.


While I love the food down in the Cafe, it bugs me that they feel the need to put red peppers on the roasted vegetables.  I LOVE the vegetables.  But with the red pepper flakes on them, I can't eat them.  They're way too hot.  Red pepper flakes should be something you add over at the condiments bar.  Right?


I'm still eating relatively gluten free.  My stomach doesn't seem to be as upset as often, so I guess it's doing some good.  I eat cheese, but just mostly on mexican food.  I use dairy milk in my coffee, which isn't a daily thing anymore, but I like almond milk on my cereal and oatmeal. 

It's the little changes.


Hmm.  There's really not much else to tell you.

I'll work on that.

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