Monday, March 18, 2013

Visiting the Folks, Day 2

Slept until 10:45am.  It's a slippery slope here in the country.

Standard breakfast of oatmeal, raisins and walnuts.  And green tea.

I take down the shower curtain and liner in the spare bathroom and wash them.  It's been a while.

There's talk of working on copying some CDs, but then dad says he's going to watch "Life of Pi".  I read the book - it took more than six months to get through it, and once I was done, I was furious.  What the hell was the point?!  I was slightly curious about the movie.  Slightly.  Just because of the tiger.  And mom wanted to see it, and it was thundering and raining outside, so why not?

Oy.  It was much better than the book, but still left me with "What the hell?"  Mom and dad also found it very slow ("When are they going to get lost in the ocean and where the hell's the tiger?!") but they enjoyed it.  Except when the animals kind of kill each other.

But it was good bonding with the folks.

Then there was some cuddling with Goober and random surfing on the net and dinner prep.

I just heated up some leftover veggies from last night and made the very stupid decision to heat up mom and dad's left over pasta alfredo.  Gluten and dairy.  And boy, my tummy was not happy two hours later.  Man.

Then I curl up on the couch to watch the new season of Dancing with the Stars (kill me) with mom.  But because of the gluten and dairy (I think) I accidentally fell asleep for an hour. 

But luckily I catch the last half hour of DWTS (I love Jacoby Jones) and then we watch Castle.

And then holy crap, I'm tired, so I go call Todd and then go to bed.


Pic of the day:

This is where I'm going to put my little vacation cottage.  Just to the right of the curve in the dirt drive.  I may have to fill in some of the hole there on the right, but that's easy enough.  There will be a porch, maybe even a loft. I figure if Todd gets famous making movies, he's going to be traveling a lot and I probably won't want to go on every trip, so I'll just go stay in my little cottage on Pisswilly Ranch.

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