Saturday, March 9, 2013

Post Cleanse Update - Day 1

Actually, The Cleanse really ended last night with dinner.  We went out.  And it was good. 

We made good choices, and incorporated dairy back into the diet.  And booze.  Which was also good.  (actually, I incorporated booze on Thursday night, at happy hour with my co-workers, cause what's one more day?)

Todd and I both felt pretty good today - no major side effects.  Our tummies felt okay.  Then I went to brunch at Amy's. 


On the way I treated myself to a non-fat latte.  So good.  Amy had quiche, coffee cake and fruit.  I had all three things.  I was hyper because of the caffeine, and feeling pretty damn good.  It's a beautiful day here, it's 50 degrees, we've got a big evening planned.  Everything was looking dandy.

But then I got a call to help with the big event tonight, which I was not planning for.  And I thought I could help, but Kayleigh's at a Rainbow thing and needs picked up around 4pm and Tyler rescheduled his appointment this afternoon to end at 4pm, all of which means I could not be available this afternoon to help with tonight.

So, my heart rate started to rise.

Then the father of the person who is planning tonight called and asked for help, as well.  Which puts more pressure on me, and again, I have to say I can't help as much as I'd like because the kids' schedule, which makes my heart rate rise even more.

And then Tyler asked for help looking for something in his bachelor pad and I very stupidly agreed to go out there and help look, which flat out pushed me over the edge.  Lets just say, he's a teenage boy.  'Nuff said.

The afternoon fell apart soon afterward.

This was an hour ago and my blood pressure is STILL elevated.  I am STILL worked up about it.  And my happy go lucky it's a beautiful day mood is freakin' shot.

So, I'm thinking it's the caffeine.  It's probably not the eggs or the dairy.  Gotta be the caffeine.

Good to know.

I may need to give up lattes.



Speaking of happy hour with the co-workers, this time was much better.

I felt better about myself, mostly because I was a little more dressed up (in a loose fitting dress and my boots) and so I was a bit more talkative and social.  I had a raspberry lemondrop so I had something to sip.  I told some jokes, got some laughs.  I was much more comfortable in my own skin.  And I had the opportunity to tell them, I'm not used to be the old married mother in my work group.  I was always the young party animal.  I can still party, though!  You just wait until my liver stops rebelling!

That got a laugh.

So yes.  A better happy hour this time.  Thank goodness.

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