Friday, February 15, 2013

Welcome to Day 7

It's Day 7 of The Cleanse out here in Raechelle-land, and I am devouring my lunch of cod fish, roasted squash and broccolini like there's no tomorrow.  I do love the Cafe downstairs.

I also very much love my husband, who made me a weakened smoothie today, using only (I believe) a banana, pear, apple juice and ice.  Can't have the berries or coconut milk.  I believe Todd will be bowing out of this seven day stint, and I think that's okay.  The fact that he's even doing this cleanse with me, and he makes me a smoothie every morning and every evening, is enough dedication for me.  I would starve without him.

I find that I'm paying more attention to food now.  Having the list of approved foods posted at my desk makes me reference it often, and the information is starting to stick.  Now when I eat something, I'm thinking about the sugar content and how processed it is.  I don't know if this cleanse will help my liver in the end, but I guarantee it will affect the way I eat in the future.  Which, in turn, will affect my overall health and weight, so really, this is like a project for school.

Speaking of weight, I walked the treadmill in the basement gym here at work on Wednesday.  It's a small gym (and I use the word "gym" lightly) with three treadmills, a couple of stairsteppers, couple of bikes and some weights over in the corner.  All of the machines face the wall, which is a little weird, but that way you don't see anyone and no one is looking at you.  They just recently attached TVs to each of the machines, and each has their own remote.  And there's full cable.  However, the TV on the treadmill I used on Wednesday was wonky, so I sent in a request to have it fixed. 

Other than that, it was pleasant.  I walked for 20 minutes and didn't even pass out or anything!  I have a note on the calendar for next Monday and Wednesday to go again.  And the Crazy Aussie says she wants to join me on Monday.  I'm not sure how I feel about that - the woman runs 14 miles in the morning and is training for a marathon.  Sure!  Come run by me, like the gazelle that you are, while I lumber along like a hippo.  Luckily, she's very cool and funny and sweet and sarcastic, so she'll make it fun.  One way or another.

To close, here's the beautiful view from my office today.

Not a bad Friday, at all.  It almost feels like spring.

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