Sunday, February 17, 2013

(Early) Weekend Update

Yes, it's only 2:30pm on Sunday afternoon, but I already know what I'll be doing tonight, so I can update you now.

Friday was rough.  Started getting a wee bit of a headache late in the afternoon.  Todd picked me up from work and we met his old friends from high school at Kell's for dinner.  They hadn't seen each other in 20 years so it was quite the reconnection.  Coincidentally, one of his friends is going through a similar health issue.  Apparently allergens have built up in her system and are now causing horrible joint pain and swelling.  So she's on a very limited sulfates free diet.  She even brought her own salad dressing, which she shared, because I had a smoked salmon and beet salad.  Absolutely cleanse approved.  Yum.

Toward the end of dinner, however, my head hurt so bad and my eyes were heavy and well, it was time to call it a night. Oh, but Nachos-n-Karaoke was going on in West Seattle, so you know we had to drop by for a minute and say hi.

Our friend Lisa is a nacho lover.  And a karaoke lover.  She's been over to our house a few times for Downing-style karaoke.  So she organized a evening of nachos at a restaurant just up the street, and then afterwards, they were heading over to karaoke.

Todd and I didn't make it for karaoke, but we did stop in and stay and visit with friends for a couple of hours.  And by the time we got home, I was nauseous from my headache.  But Todd made me my smoothie and I mellowed out a bit, then we hit the sack.

I was up at 9am Saturday morning and the headache was still there.  I don't get headaches a lot, so when I do, I'm just broken.  I don't know if it's the new, extreme portion of The Cleanse, or what, but it was killing me.  But at 10am I was out the door, stocking up on goodies for Trish's birthday brunch.  All Trish wanted for her birthday was some girl time and pedicure (did I mention she has a three year old and just had another baby on New Year's Day?  Yes, she just wanted some girl time).  So, Amy, Cherie and I threw her a little brunch in Cherie's condo building's lounge (just lovely) and sat around for a couple of hours eating and chatting.

And here's where I realize how special my friends are.  Cherie offered to buy the food for the brunch.  Not a lot, just some fruit and veggies and champagne and orange juice.  I told her she didn't have to do that, since I was very limited in my food, but she said it was a-okay and to send her my approved foods list.  I was in charge of decorations (and twice baked almond croissants), so when I arrived, Cherie had this gorgeous spread laid out.  And she had bought San Pellegrino and fresh pressed apple juice, so I could have something in my champagne glass, too.  She said she went by my list, and the only thing I couldn't eat on the table were the grapes and the ranch salad dressing.

How incredibly thoughtful is that?  I am just in awe of how supportive and accommodating the people in my life are.  I don't think I will ever not be in awe.

While Amy is very supportive, she brought her crockpot o' oatmeal, which smelled just like fall.  Amazing.  I'll get to have that in a few weeks.

Anywho, after brunch, we headed out for pedicures.  After hitting a few different walk-in spots, we ended up at my usual place, Tulips, right down the street.  The ladies there are very sweet.  And my toenails are very pink now.

After all of this activity, I was ready for a nap (damn liver) so I took the girls back to Cherie's, dropped them off and said my goodbyes.  I got home, briefly said hi to Todd, then passed out for an hour.

And then it was time to grocery shop for the upcoming week.  We got a crapton of (approved) fruits and vegetables, so I think I'm good to go until Thursday.  I bought a few sweet potatoes so that's the "hardy" food for the week.  Todd cut a couple up, along with zucchini, yellow squash and mushrooms, and roasted them last night.  Yummy.  I also bought a bag of flash frozen, wild caught salmon.  I pulled on out, put it in a bowl of hot water to thaw it, and cooked it up to go with my roasted veggies.  And it was damn good.  Todd's not a big fish eater, so this works perfectly.

After dinner, Todd's sister and niece, Sara and Zadra, arrived to crash on our couches during their mother-daughter road trip.  It was nice to just sit and visit with Sara.  With her living in Bellingham, we don't get to hang out too much.  I stayed up as late as I could, but at 10pm, I excused myself and went to bed.

I got up at 8:30 this morning to say goodbye to her, but have made the declaration that I am taking it easy today.  I have a load of laundry in, and I tidied up the kitchen, but I think that's enough for this weekend.  And I hate that.  There is so much I want to do, and while I could very well do it, I would be utterly exhausted tomorrow and completely unproductive at work.  So I have to pick my battles and budget my energy, and again, I hate that.

And also, this:

Holy crap, who is that tired, bloated girl in the middle?  Man alive.  No wonder I'm having an identity crisis. Let's compare, shall we?

I actually had cheekbones in 2010!

Todd tells me that I'm still beautiful.  I'm just sick.  That helps, really, but, oy. 

Sigh.  It's temporary.  I know it's just temporary. 


Oh, and tonight?  The Walking Dead, Epsom salt bath, then Downton Abbey.  BOOYA.
I love Sunday evenings.

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