Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Visiting the Folks, Day 7

* Up at 9am.  Because I feel guilty.  I hate that.

* Coffee, breakfast, fluff hair, wash face, get dressed.  And we're off!

* Take stuff back to K-Mart, buy more stuff.  I carry around a cute hoody top that's an XXL, but then realize it's way too big.  I put it back.

* Over to Wal-Mart to finally buy mom a netbook.  She had a little Android tablet with a keyboard that was supposed to be just fine for surfing the net and emailing while dad was on her computer, but it just wasn't cutting it.  Now she has a pretty little blue Acer netbook that even has Skype so she can show me all the new stuff she buys and does to the house.

* Setting that up took most of the afternoon, then it was time for dinner.  Steak.  Because my fascination with the baby cows has already dissipated.  Apparently.

* And then there's clean up and packing and painting my nails and having daddy dig the splinter out of my thumb (farm injury) and now Dancing with the Stars.  Gawd help me, I'm enjoying it.

* Okay, enough of the reality stuff.  I need to go to bed.  Oy.

* Call my honey, curl up, sweet dreams.


No pic of the day because I suck.

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