Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Visiting the Folks, The Final Day

* Up at 6am.  Shoot me.

* Shower, complete the packing, load up Queeny (the Hyundai Veracruz).

* Off to the airport.  A three hour drive.

* I make the mistake of checking my voicemail once I'm actually in cell range.  Without completely bitching, the call is regarding Kayleigh and her Rainbow Girls group and a planning issue.  Which pisses me off because my vacation isn't even officially over and I'm already troubleshooting and dealing with crap from home.  Which I am not ready for.

* I text the caller back and ask her to call Todd because I am traveling and can't deal with it.  Then I call Todd, and warn him that he'll be receiving a call about Rainbow Girls stuff.

* I board the plane from Pittsburg to Newark.  Tiny puddle jumper.  I freakin' hate these flights.

* Land in Newark and have THREE FREAKIN' HOURS to kill.  So I plop my butt down at Gallergher's, have a BLT and half a bottle of Coppola Merlot.  When I'm done eating, I relocate to the bar and finish my bottle.  And am entertained by the New Yorker bartenders.

* I call my friend Julie and ask if she's free that night.  Apparently, the flight I'm about to board is oversold, so I'm already making preparations to stay in Newark overnight, should I be offered a voucher to give up my seat.  Julie is free.  I tell her I'll call her if I can't get on my flight.

* I get on my flight!

* And I end up sitting by the most amazing woman.  We'll call her Kat.  She and her husband spoke French together, but she would turn to me and chat in English.  They're from Montreal, and flying to Seattle for a conference.  They'll be in town for a week, what should they do?

* We eventually need pen and paper.  I am full of ideas.  I also give Kat my business card and tell her to call me if she has any questions or would like to do lunch.  She gets very excited and said she will.

* Finally, after six hours, we land in Seattle.  I show Kat and her husband to baggage claim, and then part ways.  But still promise to meet up next week.

* Todd picks me up, we get home and the kids demand attention.  Tom doesn't ignore me.  Life is good.  And I am tired.


Again, no pic.  Sorry.

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