Monday, May 14, 2012

Visiting the Folks, Day 6

* I finally climb out of bed at 10am.  I'm exhausted.  Road trip and crying equals wiped out.

* Coffee.  It's futile.

* Maybe a shower will help.

* Nope.  But I make myself be productive while mom runs to the store.  I dust.  Whee.

* I snooze in mom's hummer of a recliner while she updates the menu that she makes for the Goody Basket, a little lunch shop in town.  It makes me happy that she's doing little jobs around town.  She also helped my cousin frame some photographs that she sells in The Goody Basket, and she's made some really pretty walking sticks for a few people.

* Once she finishes the menus, we all watching Finding Nemo.  Mom snoozes through the first 45 minutes of it, but then perks up and actually laughs toward the end.

* My uncle Paul arrives for dinner.  Grilled chicken, canned green beans, potato salad and rolls.  Yum.

* Have a good visit with Paul, then it's time for nighttime TV - Dancing with the Stars and now, The Bachelorette.  This is the only part of visiting the folks that ain't for me.  But I blog and make snarky comments with mom so we're still bonding.

* Todd just called.  He and Kayleigh are attending a play tonight, so he wanted to get the phone call done early.  And now I think I'm hungry.  Might need a snack.

* Ice cream is a good snack.

* And now it's time for bed.  I listen to The Civil Wars as I drift off.  Sigh...


Pic of the day:

Sorry.  I got nuthin.

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