Sunday, May 13, 2012

Visiting the Folks, Day 5

* Up at 9am.  It's time to leave the farm and go home.  Sniff.

* One last trip out to see the cows.  One "lady in waiting" is still waiting.  She's been laying down for two days now, trying to give birth.  Janie swears she's okay, but I still feel bad for her.

* Time to shower and pack up.

* And we're off.  But before we head home, we go by my aunt's and meet up with some cousins.  Then we caravan to Shoney's for Mother's Day lunch.  It's absolutely maddening.  Oodles of people and a waitress who, I swear on my shoes, looks like she's going to literally die at any moment.  The food, and free Mother's Day dessert is yummy, though, as well as getting to see my cousins again.

* We finally hit the road at almost 3pm.  Which puts us back at Pisswilly Ranch at 6:30pm because we have to stop to pick up the pizza that dad called in, only he called the wrong pizza place so the pizza place we stopped at didn't have the order but we were already there, so we just place the order and wait while dad calls the other place and cancels the order.

* Home, eat, change into jammies.  Oy.  I am pooped.

* Dad and I have a nice chat on the porch.  He talks about his paratrooper days and dropping into Iran.  He also tells me about the French woman who followed him from country to country.  My daddy, the hottie.

* I call it quits at 9pm and go to bed.  But I can't sleep so I try to call Todd again.  And again, I get voicemail.  I had called earlier and gotten voicemail, so I just left a quick message to say love you, don't call back, I'm going to bed.  But now I really want to talk to him.  I call Kayleigh.  I get voicemail.  I call Todd's mom because I know they went to Bellingham today, so maybe they're still there and he just doesn't have his phone on.  Nope.  They left at 5pm.  Okay fine.  I call Tyler and am in tears.  Are they home yet?!  Tyler goes into the house, and yes, they're home.  Holy shit, what a freakin' panic attack.  Guess I really love my husband, huh?

* Well, now my nose is stuffed up and my head hurts from crying so hard, so I can't sleep.  Instead, I pull out the picture box and go through old pictures.  I realize exactly how much weight I've gained.  Crap.

* At 12:30, I'm finally ready for bed.


Pic of the day:

Bye, bye cows!

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