Saturday, May 12, 2012

Visiting the Folks, Day 4

* Up at 8:30am.  It's a beautiful day on the farm!

* Breakfast, coffee, shower, and off to camp.  Camp is actually a very large, handmade cabin in the middle of nowhere.  Gorgeous.

* At camp, I walk down to the swimming hole and we have lunch, then sight see on the way back to the farm.

* Once back at the farm, Diane and I walk the farm and say hi to the cows.  I learn how the baler works, how the bulls are castrated, why the mama cows all head to the gate at the same time every day.

* And I pet the calves!  And the big mama cows!  They have very snotty noses.  And bulging eyes.  But so sweet!  When we walk up to the gate, they get curious and walk over to sniff at us.

* I pet the dog, Katie, and the two outdoor cats.

* Time to get ready for the alumni banquet.  Shower again (cow snot), doll up and put on my dress.

* And the hot ladies are off!

* The alumni banquet is...frustrating.  Not enough seats, not enough servers, bad food, no alcohol.  Just shoot me.  And while I love the elderly, they tend to tell the exact same 45 minute stories every year.  Oy.

* Finally, we escape.  Back to the farm to have a glass of wine, watch my wedding video, look at wedding photos, and blog.

* But first, we must wrangle a calf back into the pen.  Diane and Janie wrangle, I make sure the three other calves don't get out.  Mama cow is not happy that her baby is out.

* Mission accomplished.  I am a cowgirl.

* Finish up the blog, call my sweetie and, at 1am, go to bed.  Whew.


Pic(s) of the day:

Eating asparagus, straight out of the garden, at camp

Brand new calf!

Curious cows


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Anonymous said...

You would make a really cute farm hand!