Friday, May 11, 2012

Visiting the Folks, Day 3

* Up early.  Yuck.  8:30am.

* At 10:30am, my cousin Diane arrives and we take off for Lewisburg.  It's mom's 50 year alumni banquet.  They do this every year on Mother's Day.  I've been to a couple in the past.  It's so much fun to see mom revert to a teenager.

* I sleep most of the way.  Too many turns.  Makes my tummy icky.

* After a mere three hours, we arrive at my aunt's house to say a quick hi and eat homemade apple turnovers.  Then we're on to mom's friend Janie's dairy farm, where we will be staying for two nights.  I'm itching to pet a cow.

* Janie's farm, excuse me - organic dairy farm - is the real deal.  Big tractors, barns, hay, moo cows, manuere. The whole thing.

* We sit and visit for a bit while I give Janie her first manicure. 

* Time to get ready and go to the class of 1962's 50th reunion.  We visit with mom's high school classmates.  All of them are such sweethearts.  I sing "Amazing Grace" with the preacher's wife.

* Lots and lots of photos.  Gawd bless my cousin Diane and her shutterfly addiction.

* On the way home, we make a quick stop at the Exxon to have the "wino" (me) buy a bottle of the West Virginia wine and try it out.  I also buy a bottle of Barefoot Moscato for mom to try.  I have yet to find a wine sweet enough for her.  I haven't resorted to port yet.

* Back at Janie's, mom tries the Moscato and actually likes it.  After the third sip.  And after asking if it's okay to drink wine after taking her pain pill.  She pours a glass.  Janie likes the Riesling (mom tried it, didn't like it) and rather than open my own bottle (I know!) I have a glass of the Mascato.  Not my favorite, but it'll do.

* I call my sweetie.

* Mom states, once her glass is empty, "You know, that wine ain't half bad.  I think I might have another glass."  And so she does (although she will swear up and down the next day that she only had a half a glass).

* Janie, mom, Diane and I share stories and photos and laugh until we're red in the face.

* Around midnight, and after her second glass of wine, mom declares it's bedtime.  We say goodnight and I crawl into a freakin' HUGE handmade bed that even Todd could stretch out in.  I am in love.


Pic(s) of the day:

Janie's first manicure

Kate, posing.

Singing "Amazing Grace"

Slumber party, with wine.

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