Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Visiting the Folks, Day 1

* Wake up at 8:30am after sleeping like a rock.  Wonderful.

* Coffee, with a twist.  Mom ran out of milk.  But vanilla ice cream works just as well.

* Get dressed, do my hair, brush my teeth, then we're off!

* K-Mart, Wal-Mart, sewing store, post office, grocery store and Burger King for lunch.  They bring you mints to your table at BK now.  Very fancy.  I didn't eat the mint though.

* Back home to sit on the porch and watch the rain.  It's been raining off and on since I got here.  The high is about 65.  I love it.

* Snooze in the big recliner while watching a Lifetime movie.  Oddly riveting.  With Ally Sheedy.

* Dinnertime!  Hot dogs, coleslaw, beans and sweet tea.  Welcome to the country.

* On to the couch to snooze a little more.

* American Idol and Survivor.  I hate these shows.  But I root for Phillip.  He does an amazing cover of "Volcano" by Damien Rice.  Holy cow.

* Cake time!  Spice with caramel frosting.  Yum.

* Shows are over.  Time for bed.  But first, a phone call to my hubby.  Miss him.


Pic of the day:

Snoozing with Goober

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