Sunday, February 5, 2012

What's Up With Me

Well, lets see.

I'm getting over a cold.  Todd's been sick for a couple of weeks, so of course, I caught it too.  Mostly just sinus crap and a cough.  Probably from the sinus crap.


I've become addicted to Sons of Anarchy.  I'd seen a couple of episodes a while back and thought, eh.  It's okay.  But then we started thinking about who could play Todd in "Green Light" and Todd thought of Ryan Hurst (below - yum) so, of course, we had to do research.  See how Ryan's acting was.  And it was during this research, I became officially addicted to this show.

Don't know about it?  It's about a motorcycle club in Charming, California.  They're a tight family and there's drama and there's killing and there's lots of boys with long hair who drive motorcycles.  Love it.  And while they seem to be all tough and mean, they really do love their family and protect each other.

We were in the Junction yesterday and I heard a motorcycle drive by and got a little excited.  "It's the Sons!"


Oh, I didn't drink for five days.  That's worth noting.


I'm on my last leg at work.  I have one full week, then the 13th and 14th, then I'm done.  And no I don't have another job lined up yet.  Two possibilities, but nothing concrete.  I am eligible for unemployment (since my position was eliminated) so we won't be destitute by any means.  Oddly enough, I like the job better now that Super Boss and the 23 year old are gone.  Damn.


We have a date set for the table read of "Green Light".  Don't know what a "table read" is?  Lemme esplain.

Bunch of actors sit around a table (or, in this case, our living room) and read the script.  We have about 15 actors and each actor has been assigned a part (or two).  Someone will read the narrative (the setting "Dark apartment - nighttime") and then the actors will chime in and read their lines.  I've learned that this is the first step in editing a script.  You want to read it aloud, all the way through, to see how it flows.  Do some lines seem out of place?  Does the jump from one scene to the next make sense?  Does that line even work?

Our friend Lisa is spearheading this.  We sent her the script, she loved it, she emailed with "Time to schedule the read!!"  She contacted most of the actors, she got it scheduled.  She's running the show.  And Todd and I are just fine with that.  We'll listen in on the read (it will be weird to hear someone else saying things I've said) and we'll give our two cents, but this is Lisa's project.  It's just easier that way.  Todd and I are way too close - we'd be critiquing every little thing and the movie would never get made.

Anywho, I'm super excited.  And super nervous.  If you'll remember, faithful reader, this movie is (in part) about my horrible year of 2007 when I made The Ginormous Mistake, and then The Fiasco happened.   We are telling this story to the public.  Yes, my good friends know about that time, and they know that I'm not the same person, but people who don't know me are going to think "What a bitch!"

Hopefully we've written the story in a way that shows how broken I was and how I eventually redeemed myself.  Hopefully.


Speaking of movie making, we have a full week of that stuff!  The night after the table read, I'm attending a dinner for women in film.  I'm going alone.  Without Todd.  By myself!  I KNOW!

Lisa, mentioned above, is hosting this dinner, so I emailed her and said "Tell me I'm going to know some people there!"  She assures me I will and she's very excited that I'm coming.  Makes me feel loved.

Might need to have Jamie do my hair.  I need to look extra spiffy.

And then the night after that, we have a movie premiere, where Lisa will again be in attendance, as well as most of the women who will be at the dinner AND at the reading.

I believe the word you're looking for is "saturated".


So, work, movies, social events, TV shows...what else is going on?

Health is okay.  I'm going to start kickboxing class with Trish next week.  The instructor assures me she will not have us sparring again.  And Trish will be with me so I should be okay.

I am uncomfortably overweight now (but I'm happy, dammit!) so I'm a bit more motivated to try and slim down.  I've had chocolate once in the past week.  And I don't drink coffee during the week now.  I drink green tea at work.  Coffee is now a special treat on the weekend (I put lots of sugar in it).  I'm walking a bit more because I'm taking the bus every day.  It's the little things.  I'm not going to fool myself into thinking I can quit eating processed foods and carbs and crap.  Baby steps to being better.


However, all of that is out the window today.  Super Bowl Sunday!  We're going over to some friends' where there will be lots of other good friends and food and alcohol, so I give myself a pass today.  I'm gonna have fun.  Enjoy the day!

I'll be better tomorrow.

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