Friday, January 27, 2012

Free At Last, Free At Last...

So, most of you have seen my Facebook status - my job has been eliminated.  Believe it or not, I'm happy about this.

Backstory, now that I can speak freely about it.

You remember that my review back in October was, ahem, less than positive.  Things never really rebounded after that.  My office manager and I had a follow up meeting in November, and he expressed his "concern" because the boys weren't coming around.  Still weren't happy with me.

I actually went into Super Boss' office and asked him - "What's up?  How am I doing?  Still like me?"  He laughed and said, "Yeah, I still like you, but..."

Uh.  But?

"But I just don't think this is the right environment for you."

Ah.  Because I'm not a 23 year old blond with a 20 inch waist?  Honey, you knew that when you met me.

It could also be that I'm respectful (even to people I don't like), I don't act like I'm in high school and I think that answering the phone using the phrase "Hey, you retard!  What the f**k, bro?"

Yes.  I don't believe this environment is for me.

Regardless, that's not the reason my position has been eliminated.

I had an inkling back in November.  Super Boss didn't really give me much work to do.  Hell, he didn't really talk to me unless he had to.  But he was very concerned about his commissions.  What was outstanding?  What do we need to bill for?  "Why is this so hard for you to grasp?" (direct quote)  He had private meetings on his Outlook calendar (but apparently forgot that I can just go into his office and look at his calendar because he never, ever logged out or shut down his computer).  He wouldn't give me a gift list for Christmas.  He was suddenly closing his door frequently.

December came, and with it came the holiday party.  As I said, aside from Todd and the receptionist, no one really talked to me.  Including Super Boss.  I met his wife briefly - she actually gave me a big hug and said thank you for taking care of her husband.  I responded with, "I'm trying."

But then, after months of talking to this woman daily, she started calling Super Boss' cell phone.  Never called his office line.  Huh.

Then Christmas vacation came.  Friday, December 23rd.  We had a pizza-and-wine lunch at the office, everyone was jolly, and I gave out little $5 gifts to my people.  And at 1pm, we all left for the holiday.

And Super Boss didn't say "Merry Christmas" or "Have a good weekend!" or "Kiss my ass, ya bitch!"  He actually left while I was in the bathroom.  The receptionist told me.

And, oh, a gift?  A card?  Nope.  Nada.

That was clincher.  I was done.

Oh!  But not so quickly!  Our Branch Manager quit when we returned from the holiday.  Jumping ship, they called it.  One day notice.  And he went to another firm.  In the same building.  Unbelievable.

I was surprised, but my office manager wasn't.  He said it's what they do.  Once these brokers make up their mind to leave, they don't really give "notice".  And you really don't want them to - just get out.

Well, rumors started flying.  Who else was leaving?

Super Boss, apparently.  And he was taking a baby broker with him (you remember Chester and Spike from Looney Tunes?   Super Boss is Spike and baby broker is Chester.  Totally.)

Anywho, Super Boss was jumping ship.  Therefore, big salary position was eliminated.  That position was specifically for Super Boss.  But if Super Boss ain't there, they don't need me.  Know what that means?


Oh but wait.  What this NEW rumor going around?

Super Boss is taking the 23 year old with him.  The only other admin assistant in the office.

Freakin' crap.

So, they can't get rid of me.  They'll have no one at all.   But if I take the 23 year old's position, it's a severe pay cut.  She's an Administrative Assistant.  I'm a Senior Administrative Assistant.  That's a few thousand dollars a year difference.  What to do, what to do?

I'm resigning my position next Friday.  My last day will be February 14.  And that's only because I took the 15th, 16th and 17th off - my fantabulous sister-in-law is whisking away to me Palm Springs for five days.  Gawd bless her.

Now to hit the pavement!


Lucy Leadskin said...

Hmm...sounds like Super Boss is tapping the 23-year-old.

Good riddance to a pile of super-stinky dog poo.

Sending great "Focusing on my own business!" vibes your way!


mallemaroking said...

Is there a way to refuse the other position so they have to give you the severance package? It seems like they should have to give you the choice of continuing in a lesser position or leaving entirely--on their dime, since they can't keep you in the position you were hired for.

Other than that, sounds like it's good you are getting out of there. Life is too short for shitty jobs.

Kristin said...

The brokerage busy is slimy - it's a tough business. You will probably be much happier somewhere else!