Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Cleansing - A Journey

It is 6:30pm, the night before my colonoscopy.  I have just finished my 16oz of gunk and am now working on my two 16oz of water.  I have been on a clear liquid diet all day, despite my prepping effort and buying strawberry and cherry Jello.  Can't have red or purple liquids.  Crap.  So my wonderful son and daughter walked down to QFC and got me some lime and orange Jello.  It's no substitute for pasta, but it's one day.  I can live without solid food for one day.

The bathroom is prepared.  My laptop's electrical cord is there, I have a bucket and tons of toilet paper.

I am ready.

Let's cleanse!


Well, that didn't take long at all.  One hour exactly and whammo!   The cleansing has begun.  Also feeling a smidge nauseous just from all of the water I've choked down.  Blech.


Hour two.  Not so bad.  Yes, I've lost all feeling in my toes from sitting, but I've got Netflix streaming and lots of water, so I'm good.  It's not as gross as one might think.  Very...efficient.  And simple.  I wonder how I'll know when I'm done?


Okay, it's 9:56pm and I am removed from the bathroom.  I think I'm empty.  Aside from being REALLY hungry, this is not the horror I was expecting.  I pooped.  And I'm done.  Big deal.

Now talk to me tomorrow after I've got the IV jabbed into me.  Ha.


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