Friday, January 20, 2012

Filming and Ice McGeddon

First of all, I’m having a hard time balancing Facebook and this blog.  FB is instantaneous so I tend to not rehash stuff on the blog.  But that means I don’t blog very much.  Hmm.  What to do?

Anywho, lemme update you on our oh-so-exciting life out here in the Arctic.

Saturday was the first day of The Collectibles shoot.  We were up bright and early at 5:30am (shoot me)  and on set in Bothell at 7am.  As always, once we’re there we have a great time.  It’s just the getting there that sucks.

We actually got some coverage in our neighborhood paper, The West Seattle Herald.

That pic of me is even more incentive to lose weight.

We were home by about 7:30pm that evening, and had a lovely evening of vegging out.

Sunday, up again at 5:30am, on set at 7am.  However, this was quite the exciting day.  The snow had started to fall overnight, and while West Seattle didn’t get very much, boy howdy, Bothell did!  So much so that one cast member couldn’t make it, and we had to send people down the hill to get a couple of others. 

We cancelled the catering we had scheduled that day so we could just plow through and wrap up.  This was our last day shooting at this particular location, which meant we also had to pack out – load up all of our gear, clean up, and put all of the offices back the way they were.  That takes a good two hours.

So home at 9pm.  And soaking feet until 10pm.  Then bed.

Monday was much easier.  And much snowier.  We had a call time of 11am, to give everyone the chance to assess the situation.  We didn’t have a problem getting to set, and I don’t think anyone else did either. 

We shot at my friend Michael’s house, that has the bar, the same place we shot the On and On video last year.  We’ve decided that The Mop and Bucket is the official superhero bar.  Todd and I, along with Dan, Landon and Michael’s girlfriend Chris, were all extras in the bar scenes.  You can spot me by my long, black wig.  I believe this will give me another credit on IMDB.  Hee hee.

If I knew how to make an arrow, I would have pointed me out for you.
I need to get a picture up on my profile.

We wrapped the shoot around 5pm, and thus began the Wrap Party.  We plan the shoots this way – wrap at the bar.  Instant wrap party.

But the weather threatening to turn at any moment, the wrap party wrapped up around 9pm and we headed home to our snowy cottage.

And because I’m not new, I took Tuesday off.  I’ve done these shoots before. I am no good the day afterward.  Luckily, the snow really hit Tuesday afternoon and come Wednesday morning, there was no way in hell I was leaving the house.

Same goes for Thursday.

The forecast said everything should have started melting around 1pm on Thursday, but instead, we got freezing rain all morning, which put a half an inch of ice over everything, then it started snowing around 2pm.

It did actually warm up overnight (a whopping 33 degrees when I woke up this morning) so the ice started to melt, which made the roads much better to drive on, which gave me no excuse to stay home.   I did however, take the bus in.

So, a one day work week isn’t so bad, right?  I was quite lazy (loaded word) on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I beat myself up enough Wednesday night that when I woke up Thursday, I was ready to organize!  And organize I did!  And of course, I didn’t take pictures.  Because I suck.

Our office is now a clean, serene place to work on the computer, rather than a catch all for everything that doesn’t have a place.  I am very proud.

And while I cleaned the office, Todd began the arduous task of putting all 600 and something DVDs into three ring binders.  We now have a crap load of DVD cases that we can either give a way or donate, thus freeing up the two bookshelves in the living room for actual books.  Much cleaner, less clutter, ahhhh.

We still need more binders, though.

So all in all a very productive, then lazy (loaded word) then productive week.  And only one day of work.


Speaking of, there are changes afoot (aren’t there always?)  Of course, I’m not at liberty to discuss those changes yet (any day now!!!) but suffice it to say, my position is more than likely being eliminated.


I’m not worried.  Really.  I got feelers out.  I think the Universe will take of me.  She knows what I need, and this position for Super Boss is not it.  So this is a good change.  Really.

More to come soon.  I hope.

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