Monday, January 9, 2012

2012 - Week One

So far, I’m not real impressed with 2010. 

It started off pretty well – hanging with Dan and Trish and Gamy.  Always fun.  I made top hats* so we were festive.  I didn’t drink too much, so I didn’t get a talkin’ to the next day (although, I’d had just enough to where I was uber mushy and cried to Todd for two hours about how much I loved him.  He didn’t seem to mind so much).

But then Sunday, I was a little down.  We didn’t get to bed until around 1:30am, so maybe I was just tired.

But then Monday, I was even farther down.  And then Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, in a pit.  Not wanting to get out of bed.  Not wanting to be social.  Not even wanting to clean.  Just…blah and clingy.  I’ve started tracking these days on our Google calendar.  They seem to be coming a little more frequently and that concerns me.

I’ll talk to my therapist about that.

We had a lovely, relaxing weekend of doing pretty much nothing.  Well, except for the production meeting at 9:30 Saturday morning.  That put a damper on my sleeping.  But it was a reason to have brunch and visit with Trish and little Rosiland, so time well spent.  Then Steve came over that afternoon for a visit and stayed for a few hours but he’s low key.  I don’t have to host him.

And then that evening we joined our friend Darlene over at another friend’s house, (and my twin sister, I believe) Lisa.  Todd has known Darlene for a very long time but he just met Lisa this past year.  She’s an actor, writer, director, producer, all around movie gal.  Just like Darlene.   So we gathered to have a screening of some latest projects.

We meant to just stay for a couple of hours, but ended up getting home at 1:30am.  It’s just so easy to get caught up in movie talk.  And I learn so much.

Needless to say, Sunday was a wash.  It’s actually very pathetic – if I’m up past 11pm or midnight, I am worthless the next day.  Remember when I was a 20 something who could party all night and get up and do again the next day?


You’re right.  I wasn’t blogging then.  Hell, there were no blogs then.  But trust me, I was a party animal.  Sometimes  I miss it, most times I don’t.

Where was I?

Oh yes.  Sunday.  Lazy (loaded word).  Since we’ve finished the second draft of the "Green Light"** script, we decided we needed to do some “research”.  Which really meant watching movies all afternoon.  Which was fine by me.  Todd was a trooper and went to the grocery store that evening, and I cleaned the kitchen while he was gone, but that’s about the extent of our productivity.

Because NEXT weekend is The Collectibles shoot.  With a 7am call time on Saturday and Sunday.  So I thought I better save up my energy.  I love these shoots when I’m actually there and laughing my ass off, but getting up at 6am just makes me mad.  “I am not a morning person” is an understatement.


*We had our mini tops hats for New Year’s Eve!!

Granted, I ended up spending maybe $30 less than I would have if I had just bought the damn $10 pre-made hats, but hey,  I got my crafty on.  And Kayleigh helped me decorate some, so we did some typical mother/daughter crafty stuff. 

Now I’m done for a while.


** Todd has mentioned the "Green Light" script in his blog, although he's not writing there too much anymore (because of said script, and the web series, and the movie pitch, and the comic strip, and taking out the cat poop) so you may have missed it.

For those of you who are lost, Todd and I started talking a couple of years ago about writing a screenplay that followed him through his horrible year and me through my horrible year and at the end of the screenplay we would finally meet - when I show up at his door to audition.  BAM!  Meant to be.  

Kind of like Sleepless in Seattle, which is one of the movies we watched last night for research.  The two characters go on their own journey for the majority of the movie, and don't really meet until the last scene.  

Todd and I went through our own journey and look where it brought us.

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Back up girl - it's 2012 -- not 2010.
Love ya anyway... Mom