Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Weddings, Comic Shows, Launch Parties and Mad Men

Oh, and working out.  Which I also did this week.  Well, I walked the treadmill for 15 minutes, then did the stairstepper eliptical thing for 3 minutes, and thought I was going to die.  Gotta start somewhere, right?

Lemme back up.  Last Friday night was Kyle Steven's wedding (the same Kyle who handled the music at our wedding and also wrote and performed a song).  To sum it up, I left a comment on Facebook that said "That was the best concert EVER!!"  Kyle's band, with a different lead singer, performed all of best 80s hits, including Whole Lotta Love, by Led Zepplin, which Kyle sang to his new wife, Kristin.


But we had to call it an early night because, come 7am, we had to get up to work the Jet City Comic Show.  Todd had a table for Airship Daedalus with Brian, and I had a shirt that said "Crew".  It wasn't half as crazy at ECCC last year, so I toodled around, asked if I could with anything, mingled.  Most of the time, I hung out at Todd's table and hugged on my honey.  Not a bad day at all.

But I was freakin' exhausted afterwards, so Todd made the executive decision to grab dinner at a pub, then go home and curl up for Mad Men.  And that is why I love him.

So sleeping Saturday night was great, but up again (relatively) early on Sunday to shop for The Collectibles web series launch that was taking place at 2pm.  Todd had been up until 5am working on the final presentation, and he continued to work on it right up until we had to leave.  So getting to stand around with a glass of wine and chit chat at the launch was very welcomed.  There was no more we could do.  Except enjoy ourselves.

And we did!  We had about 50 people at the launch, and everyone laughed where they were supposed to and they ate all the food and drank all of the wine and beer.  I think they left happy.

Most of the cast and crew ended up a pub afterwards for some general decompression.  Ah.

And then back home so Todd could crash, and Landon (who crashes at our place occasionally because he lives far away) could drink more and talk until 11pm.

I very wisely took Monday off so we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast at Easy Street, and then Landon went home and Todd and I shopped a little, then back to the couch for more Mad Men.  I gotta get caught up.

And then there's work, where I'm ACTUALLY working.  I know!


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