Monday, August 1, 2011


No sentences.  Only bullet points.

Last week
Pack office crap on Tuesday evening
Landon arrives to rewire the cottage (and live with us for three days) on Wednesday

The Collectibles photo shoot Wednesday and Thursday evening
Kayleigh gets spacers to prepare for braces
I get a haircut.  Finally.

Salsa after work
Drive to Southcenter to meet family
Dinner at Old Spaghetti Factory
With Landon and Dallas.  Love them.

Cottage rewire done
Let’s start the moving!
Kayleigh and Lydia empty and clean her room
Everything ends up in the living and dining room
I clean the cottage
Lots of soot - everywhere
Todd and Landon have a two hour film shoot
Then a meeting in Northgate
Then drive down to Redondo Beach to drop Landon off
Flying solo – lifting, cleaning, moving boxes, delegating, managing
Hit my limit at 4pm
But Todd brings sandwiches!
And Steve shows up!
30 minutes to wrangle the sleeper sofa out of the cottage
After much deliberation, list the sleeper sofa
Finish cleaning cottage so Tyler can move in
6pm – done!
Shower and get pretty for Raff’s birthday party
Don my tiara
Arrive to “Raechelle’s here!!” (I love that)
Proceed to drink wine and socialize like a mad woman
Screw up.  Eat the rum cake.
Correction – eat the cake that was baked, then soaked in rum
Who knew?!
Touch a 20 year old boy's pale naked chest for the first time in 12 years.  It feels weird.  There's no hair. 
Todd escorts me home at midnight

Feet hurt, head hurts, back hurts, legs hurt, everything hurts
Hobble through the morning, much coffee
Drive to Marysville with Kayleigh to have lunch with Nancy and Omi and to pick up Zadra (aka More Child Labor)
Back home to boss the kids around some more
“If it’s trash, put it in the trashcan!  If it’s Goodwill, put it in the Goodwill pile! Just get it out of my kitchen!”
Completely loose my shit when both cats get out and no one runs out to get them
(In Todd's defense, he was on the phone wishing his best bud a happy birthday)
“What the hell?!  Did you expect ME to do it?!  What, am I’m not doing ANYTHING?!  I’m sick of it!  I have worked my ass off this weekend!  I’m not doing anything nice for you now!  I’m getting NOTHING in return! I AM DONE.”
Tyler brings in both cats
Todd talks me down
Discover all the windows in the house were open during my ranting.  Sorry neighbors….
Dash off to get paint for Kayleigh’s room
Back home to make dinner while the girls start painting
Food.  Couch.  Movie.  James Bond.
Girls go back to painting, Tyler retires to his cottage
Fall asleep on the couch
Hobble to bed

And have I mentioned that I can’t boot up my computer?  That’s just adding to the lack of posts and FB updates.  Gotta sit on the phone with Dell tech support tonight.  Ack.

On the bright side, Friday is my last day at work.  Happy hour!

Then I get a whole week off and we shoot the web series next weekend (which is why I start my new job on August 16, Tuesday.  Monday is for resting up.) 

Actually, before then, Kayleigh still needs to move her furniture and belongings downstairs, once the paint dries.  We need to order Todd's new desk for the office, I need a little table/desk for the office.  Oh, and a chair.  We have to unpack the office. We have a porch full of crap to take to Goodwill.  There are numerous computers/laptops/drives that need to go to Staples for recycling.  Todd has to get the couch to Dan and Trish (not one craigslist bite.  Not one.  So it's free to a good home).  We have to bag up the rat poop infested insulation that is piled out in the backyard and make a dump run.

Yeah, you heard me.  Dump run.

Oh, and the Neighborhood Night Out Block party is tomorrow!


When does mama get to take a soakie?

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Anonymous said...

Mama gets a soakie when she makes time for herself....just sayin'

love ya, mom