Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Country Bumpkin, Day 4

* Up at 9am.

* Started the curtain project.  Got sidetracked with computer stuff.  Back to the curtains.  Which was a fiasco.

* Mom sewed the two panels together so that the panels would open and close together.  We bought rings with clippies so they would slide on the rod easier.  But once mom got the panels together, there was a 1.5 inch difference.  What the hell?  Mom tries to tack that extra 1.5 inch up, but the end doesn't lay right.  If we're going to do this, let's just do it right.  I sit down and rip the stitch out so mom can sew the other ends together, which actually line up.  I shower while she sews.  I come out and she is flabbergasted.  The ends are 1.5 inches off.  Are you kidding me?  Screw it.  We're putting them up!

* We throw the 100% polyester curtains in the dryer with this awesome steam ball to steam out the wrinkles.  We failed to think about static cling.

* We pull the curtains out of the dryer and the sparks that come off of them could start a fire.  Crap.  Back in the dyer.  This time, with a dryer sheet.

* We're finally ready to put the clippies on the curtains and hang them.  But first, lets take down the vertical blinds.

* No problem.  Because we are awesome!

* We are SO on the same page that we agree we should get a tape measure to space out the clippies perfectly.  I love my mother.

* The curtains are up!  But.  We forgot about the curtain over the kitchen sink.  Oh, and the rug on the floor in front of the sliding glass door.  This will never do.  We might have to go shopping again.

* After all that hard work, lunch.

* And after lunch, off to pick up prescriptions, spackle for the new holes above the sliding glass door, and the Wellness Center to do some water exercises.  Mom has been working out here for the past three weeks.  I'm so proud of her.

* The two older men seem to be very excited to have a young chicky to talk to.

* Back home, and since I'm already wet and sweaty, I put my bathing suit back on and laid out in the 90 degree weather.  Must rid myself of this Seattle glow.

* I'm so done with this sun.  In to clean up and help with dinner - pork chops, mom's homemade macaroni and broccoli.  And malbec.

* After dinner, more show-n-tell with mom and dad.  They now sing Dick in a Box under their breath.  I'm very proud.

* I call Todd and catch up, then join mom in the living room for some HGTV while dad lays on the couch in the other room talking his fool head off while watching the baseball game.

* And now I blog early because I am exhausted.  The sun and heat are killin' this Seattle chick.


Pic(s) of the day:

Before - homemade valance and vertical blinds

After - sheerish 70's curtains


The Hamilton's said...

The new curtains look great!

Anonymous said...

I hate those verticle blinds and sure do love the curtains! Have a lovely vaca, and good luck losing the glow...

Kristin said...

they were singing "dick in a box"? baahaaahaha! love it.