Monday, May 2, 2011

We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1963

The Downing Joint Birthday Party was Saturday night, and boy howdy, was it a swingin’ good time. Thank goodness we asked to borrow our friends’ house and bar because there’s no way that many people would have fit into our place.

We started the day off right with a surprise visit from CB. She and her hubby and baby stopped by, and I knew as soon as I saw them come up the walkway they would not be attending the party that night. CB had a balloon and a gift bag, and another bag of goodies. Sure enough, the baby had been sick the night before, so they were leery about leaving him with the sitter. So they made up for it by bring us twice baked almond croissants and makings for mimosas. If you’re going to miss my party, at least get me liquored up before you tell me.

After their visit, Todd and Kayleigh were off to pick up some last minute items, and I (finally) cleaned the bathroom and kitchen. No, the party wasn’t at our house, but I wanted to be able to lay around in my jammies all day on Sunday and not feel like I needed to be domestic.

Come 3pm, it was time to get bouffanted.

Tangent – Last year, CB recommended the lovely salon around the corner from house when my gal Carly left for New York. I started to visit Jamie, and she does wonderful things to my hair. I’m very, very glad I found her. And that she’s walking distance from my house.

Anywho, when I went to get my haircut last week, I told Jamie about the 60s party and how I wanted to get my hair all bouffanted up, so I asked what she’d charge. We chatted about that and then I, very professionally, asked if she’d be willing to do it for trade.

You’re thinking I offered to clean her salon, aren’t you? Well, I didn’t. But it crossed my mind.

I’d found the salon’s blog earlier in the day, and (to be polite) I immediately realized that Jamie’s talent and effort were not really going toward the blog. So I offered to revamp her blog site, in exchange for a bouffant. She loved the idea and said, “Hell, I’d give you free haircuts for that!” Since her blog is with Blogger, like mine, I should have no problem getting in there and beautifying it. And I do love beautifying the blogs. So many colors and fonts and templates. And Blogger makes it so easy for someone like me who has absolutely no clue how to code.

So, I have a contract design gig. Hee.

Where was I?

Ah, yes. Getting bouffanted.

Jamie spent an hour teasing and spraying and teasing and spraying, and finally, I was coiffed.

Back home to get our outfits and accessories together, then Todd, Kayleigh and I headed north to Michael’s. Tyler (who turns 17 next month, by the way) opted to be a typical teenage boy and stay home to play videogames and watch the cats. He’s becoming quite the independent fella.

We arrived with a mere two hours to set up, prepare the food, dress, get made up and start drinking. Don’t wanna be just picking our noses when the guests start arriving, now do we?

The first guests (Walter and Anne win the prize!) arrived around 7:15, and it was all a blur after that. As most of our parties are. Thankfully, Michael’s girlfriend Chris acted as the official hostess (or maid, whichever you prefer), so she was quick to take coats and food when people arrived. That’s the stuff that normally stresses me out. And I had on my three inch heels, so I would have broken my neck running up and down the stairs in that split level house.

And Michael tended bar all night.

His assistant showed up a little later, unbeknownst to me. When I saw him, I didn’t recognize him so I asked “Hi! Who are you with?” He said no one. He’s crashing my party. Then he hugged me and told me happy birthday.

I was okay with that.

Because this was a split level house, and the bar was downstairs and the food was upstairs, I felt like I had even less time than normal to chat with people. I’d be upstairs touching base, and when I’d get back downstairs, I’d notice some guests had left. At least in our little ol’ house you can see when people leave and at least say goodbye to them.

By about 11pm, the majority of the guests had left (after being badgered by me – “You’re leaving?! What do you have to go home to?! Your wife is working tonight!”) and the few remaining settled in the bar for some salsa dancing and Mad Libs. HK, my salsa partner was there, so we got a lot of practice. I even showed Kayleigh some salsa and swing moves. Yeah. Her stepmom is cool.

Finally, the last of the guests retreated around 1am, and by 2am our car was packed up with leftover food, wine, and other party accoutrements. We all finally got to bed around 3am.

And Sunday was a complete waste.

Which is a shame because it was absolutely beautiful outside. But Todd and I could do nothing but snooze off and on all day. We decided that it’s not the drinking that hurts us these days. Well, it does if you over do it, which we did not, and I was especially good because of those three inch heels – there was no way I could walk around AND carry my drink (I think I have a new plan).

It’s the going to bed at 3am. I always thought that the older you get, the less sleep you need, but I slept until 11am Sunday (not a big surprise, I know) and then took a couple of two hour naps in the afternoon. I think your body just gets into the habit of going to bed at a certain time (10pm – shoot me) and getting up at a certain time, and by gawd, if you mess with that, your body says “Screw you” and refuses to cooperate for a day.

But now it's Monday and we're back on track.

So what to plan next?

The Original Mad Men

Feel the love....

Not real sure...but look at that passion!

Walter & Anne.  Too hip for words.

The Mister & Travis
Dancin' Queens!

Love it (the cigarette is fake)

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