Saturday, May 7, 2011

Silly Woman

It was naive of me to think that I could just do whatever I wanted today. I’m a parent now. It doesn’t work like that.

Kayleigh came into the bedroom at 9am (luckily I was already awake) and declared that she would like to go shopping.

“Where would you like to go shopping?” I ask.
“Um. Southcenter!”
“No, try again.”

We were just at Southcenter last night to see Thor* for Todd’s birthday. They have half the roads closed, the parking lot is torn up, the traffic is unbelievable, and oh yeah! We were just there Friday night.

I try a better question.

“What would you like to go shopping for?”

She replies that she has a ton of gift cards she needs to spend. Build A Bear, Payless Shoes, Game Stop, Target. The list goes on and on. But Build A Bear is the goal. Need to go to Build A Bear.

Don’t know what that is? I’m getting to it.

So, where is there a Build A Bear? Northgate Mall! she says. Great. I could do Northgate. It’s been a while.

I get up and check in with Todd and Tyler. Tyler is joining his uncle for game and he’s told us he needs to be “in a different” city so Gavin can pick him up. Um. Which city? Can’t remember. We find out it’s Everett. Oy. I’m not driving to Everett. Start looking at the bus schedule.

But if Kayleigh and I are going to Northgate, I can drop Tyler off at a bus stop up there to make the trip a little easier for him.

Because I am good mom.

What time do you need to be in Everett, Tyler? He says 3:30pm. It is now 10:30am. I want to be nice, but I don’t want to wait until 3pm to go shopping. And I’m already up so might as well start the day sooner rather than later.

Okay, how early can Gavin pick you up? Tyler texts, Gavin replies. If Tyler can get to the Comic Stop in Lynnwood, Gavin can pick him up “earlier”.

Sigh. I don’t want to drive to Lynnwood. Northgate is far enough. But it’s silly to drive him to Northgate, make him get on a bus only to ride 15 minutes to Lynnwood.

Okay, is there a Build A Bear at Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood? Well, let’s check the internets.

Uh. Yes there is! And, look Kayleigh, there is no Build A Bear in Northgate Mall. So it’s a damn good thing we checked on that, huh?

So it looks like we’re all going to Alderwood Mall. Fantastic. While Todd lays on the couch, watching the Twilight Zone, and coughing up stuff. I think I’m getting the better deal.

The kids and I load into the car and hit the road. But first, we have to stop for breakfast at Starbucks. That’s another gift card Kayleigh has, so she buys for everyone. That’s a fine way to start off Mother’s Day weekend, don’t you think?

Back in the car, and really hitting the road this time.

As I approach the Lynnwood exit, it occurs to me that I’ve never actually driven to the Comic Stop before. But I think I know where it is.

Nope. It’s not there. Then it must be over there.

Yep. Thank goodness.

We visit at the Comic Stop for a while (because we know the owners) and Tyler texts Gavin to say he’s there and when can he expect Gavin.

Gavin replies with 3:00pm.
It is currently 1:00pm.

I suggest that Tyler hang out at the Comic Stop. It’s free comic day, he’s got $20, and there’s a game going on in the back. He states that would make him feel cheap to just hang out for two hours. I get it.

So, he joins us at the mall, and will walk back to the Comic Stop, right across the street, close to 3:00pm.

To recap thus far: It’s a beautiful Saturday and I am taking my two teenage kids to Alderwood Mall to shop. If you refer to Friday’s post, you’ll notice this was not one of the plans listed.

First things first: Build A Bear.

Oh my gawd. Sheer genius!

I was skeptical when told about this. You buy a bear, then get it stuffed. Woohoo. Big freakin’ deal. Especially since you don’t really MAKE the bear – you buy the shell of the already made bear (or cat or duck or frog or rabbit).  And the beauty isn’t stuffing the bear or putting the heart in the bear or washing the bear.

The beauty is all of the shit you can buy for the bear!

Sunglasses, fashion glasses, sparkly shoes, golf clubs, high top Converse, skinny jeans, wide leg jeans, picnic baskets, Seahawks uniforms (complete with helmet), beds, surfboards, underwear, robes, hats, sashes, wedding dresses, tuxes, roller skates, etc etc etc.

I am apparently the prime demographic as I wanted everything in this store.  Only I want the stuff for Elvis and Tom.  They would love the Cruisin' Red Convertible and the sleeping bag and the camo tent!

I think it was as I was squealing over the bear carrier that Kayleigh and Tyler said I was an official a crazy cat lady.

But it has a little cut out in the back for the tail!!


Anywho, Build A Bear was more fun than I thought it'd be.  Kayleigh picked a black bear, dressed it in jeans, a Save the Earth t-shirt and high tops and named him Tattapu, after Lofa Tatupu, our linebacker (whom I affectionately call Tattapu during the games).  Tyler had had enough at this point, and headed back over to the Comic Stop.

After BAB, Kayleigh and I hit numerous other stores and bought shoes, games, and tank tops.  I splurged and bought a pair of leggings for $8.  And when I got home, I discovered they had a hole in them, so I have to take them back.  Great.

We finally got home at 5pm, and found Todd still on the couch, still watching Twilight Zone, still coughing up junk.  In between coughing fits, he told me that Dave, from across the street called and invited us over to share some wine.  Todd wasn't up for it at all, but he insisted I go on over and relax for a bit while he ran to the grocery store for dinner fixins.  

Ain't he a doll?

I joined Dave, Greg, Carol and Paul for some lovely sparkling and red wine.  And during our tasting, I invited them over to watch The King's Speech later in the evening.  So a very busy Saturday wound down with a wonderful movie, wonderful neighbors and more wonderful wine.  I love days like this.


*Now, about Thor.

Ron, Steve and Andrew joined the four of us at the theater and this was Todd's birthday celebration.  Well, that and the carrot cake that I'd picked up earlier.

I don't care if you know about the character or not, the movie is worth seeing.  It's fantastic.  It's funny.  It's dramatic.  Oh, it's really loud, too, so if you go to the theater, take ear plugs for the explosions.  Ow.

I won't gush about Chris Hemsworth.  Everyone gushes about him.  I will say that he was very passionate about his role, and almost brought tears to my eyes when he realized he'd lost his power.  So very intense.

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The Hamilton's said...

I think Build a Bear is a racket. Drives me nuts when we go there. The kids play with the stuff or a day or 2, then move on....after spending too much $ there. I avoid it unless there is a birthday party that we "have to go to" there. :) I'm sure if my kids played with the stuff for longer, I'd like it more.