Friday, May 13, 2011

Notes From The Petri Dish

Greetings all you healthy readers.

My third Mother's Day started off beautifully.  Kayleigh brought me coffee in bed, while I was on the phone to Stephanie, hearing about how great of a mother I was.  Todd, despite his coughing and hacking, fixed a gigungus breakfast, and we watched Looney Toons while we ate.

Then Todd got sleepy and needed a nap, and I got restless so I cleaned the kitchen.  Yes, it was Mother's Day, but my sweet husband was sicker than sick, and really, every day is Mother's Day in my house.  Todd is always cooking and shopping and doting on me.  So I didn't mind cleaning up the kitchen.

Todd couldn't sleep so he came out and laid on the couch with me.  We watched some SNL and some Twilight Zone, while I texted with Daniela about a dinner plan.  At 6pm I got myself together and prepared to drive to Ballard for dinner.

And it was at this point, things started to slide.

While I was getting dressed and doing my hair, my head got all swimmy.  And then I got flushed and thought I was going to throw up.  I persevered and got in the car and took off.

About 10 minutes later, I got all sweaty, then got chills and was looking for a place to pull over.  What the hell?  I got to Chinooks, walked and the smell of fish just turned my stomach.

Daniela and Sergio got there, I said hi, we caught up for a few minutes, then I left.  No way was I going to be able to sit at a table with them for two hours.  Ack.

Back home, I immediately got into my jammies and curled up in a blanket on the couch.  And got the chills.

Since I'd complained last week to CB about how I wish I'd get sick so I could stay home for a few days, there was no way I could call in on Monday.  So I stumbled into work, plugged through the day and actually felt a little better that afternoon.  But Monday night I started coughing and aching, so I called in sick on Tuesday.  And Wednesday.  And Thursday.  But I rallied today and went in, while still coughing and tired.  I made it until 2:30pm.  Not bad.

Meanwhile, Kayleigh caught something and stayed home with us Wednesday, tried to go in yesterday and Todd made her go back to bed, and then we didn't even bother to wake her today. 

Luckily, Todd rebounded Monday and was able to take the reins the rest of the week.  In between coughing fits.

Oh, and both cats are sneezing, too.

Tyler?  Well, he's just dandy.  No coughing, no sneezing.  He's taking out the garbage and recycling without being asked and giving us hugs.  He's a good boy.

Mom tells me we need to move to a different climate.  Like, West Virginia....

She's funny.

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