Friday, May 6, 2011

Cranky McCrankerson

It’s a rough day here in Raechelle-land. The weather absolutely sucks, Todd is sick again, Kayleigh is getting sick and my house is a cluttered disaster. There is no amount of Prozac or wine that can fix this right now.

Well.  Okay.  Maybe there's enough wine....

Todd was getting better, but then Sunday, the coughing and hacking flared back up and now he’s just beaten back down. And Kayleigh says her chest feels tight and like she can’t get a breath, so they both have doctor’s appointments this afternoon.

Oh, and Tyler is back to eating normal foods again.

And me? Oh, I’m fine. Having a small issue that’s not appropriate to blog about, and it’s just adding to my crankiness, but other than that, I’ll live.

And! This weather is freakin’ horrible. Rarely do I ever flat out bitch about the weather up here, but people, it’s the beginning of May and we can’t even hit 60 degrees. We’ve had 2 sunny, dry days in the last 20. I am sick of being cold and wet.

However, I’m torn between the two upsides of this weather. If it continues to rain all weekend, and Kayleigh and Todd are down with the crud all weekend, Rae-rae gets to either go nuts and declutter her house, or lay on the couch and do absolutely nothing. Both are very appealing to me right now.

Oh! I just remembered that I haven’t shared this with you! Daniela and Sergio will be in town this weekend! We haven’t made a plan, but Daniela did touch base and say she wanted to get together. Yay!

So maybe I’ll declutter tomorrow, and then have D&S over Sunday evening. Or maybe just sleep until noon tomorrow, then declutter on Sunday before we have D&S over. Or maybe just screw the decluttering and I’ll cuddle with Tom all weekend.

Who knows what my mood will be tomorrow. That’s the beauty of being manic – each day is a surprise!



The evil uterus has awakened from her four week slumber, and she is pissed.


So I predict that Plan C will be in full effect this weekend.

Somebody get my jammies ready.


Another Update:

Kayleigh and Todd are back from their doctors’ appointments. Todd’s left over sinus ick has become infected in his chest, so now he’s on antibiotics and an expectorant. Kayleigh’s chest lining is inflamed and just needs to rest and take some ibuprofen for the inflammation. Good to know they’re both on the mend.


The Mysterious Traveler said...

Patience with that bronchitis. Tom and I got the viral, then I got the bacterial and got antibiotics, but then I still had the viral. It took a full 6 weeks to get my energy back and 7 before I stopped coughing.

Kristin said...

Love this:
"That’s the beauty of being manic – each day is a surprise!"

We are so related.