Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

Our yard looks nice for a change.

Saturday was beautiful, so Todd mowed and weedeated, and I sat and pulled a few weeds, just to be outside. Tyler came out and took down the Christmas lights (I know...) and Kayleigh just soaked up some sunshine.  The Todd and I went to Target, I coughed my head off and as soon as we got home, I crashed.  Guess it was a little too much too soon.


Kayleigh is still sick. Her poor eyes are red and runny and goopy. She has another doctor’s appointment today. I’m much better, except for, what feels like, a huge lump in my throat. It hurts when I cough and when I eat. And that pisses me off.


Happy 17th birthday to Tyler! His birthday was yesterday so we walked down to the Elliott Bay Brewery for dinner (it was a beautiful day!), then watched Powder and had birthday pie. Tyler’s not a cake guy. He likes the pie. Marionberry.


Speaking of beautiful days, we’ve had two of ‘em in a row! And as much as I hate to admit it, the weather really can make me or break me.  After seven months of gray, rainy skies, you really are just ready to give up and die.  Ack.


And more speaking of beautiful days, I had a nice little impromptu neighbor gathering this evening.  Todd was WOWing, Kayleigh was sleeping and Tyler was downstairs, so I walked down to Carrie and Joe's to see what was shakin' and if anyone could help me with some drinkin.  Jen, Carrie's sister, was of course up for it, so she came back to the house with me and sat out by the unlit fire pit for a couple hours.  Carrie joined us a little later when she got home from the store.

It was chilly, but so quiet and sunny out.  I love surprise evenings like this.  Makes me feel like I have a gang around me to call on when I'm lonely.  It's a nice feeling.


That's about it for this week so far.  Pretty quiet.  Petri dish, and all....

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carrieann said...

Even though I regularly find myself sitting here wishing I were getting together with friends rather than reading about their good times and living vicariously, I usually stink when it comes to initiating the impromptu stuff like that. I'm glad we could join you for awhile, and I look forward to more of those gatherings, hopefully with some warmer, longer Summer nights ahead of us!