Monday, May 30, 2011

Country Bumpkin, Day 3

* Slept in until 8:30am.  I was completely unmotivated to get out of bed, but shopping (and mama) awaits.

* Quick breakfast and coffee, shower, off to the mall.

* Home Depot first for drapey curtain swaggy things.  They don't have what mom wants.  But they have unfinished wooden Adirondack chairs for a mere $29.  OMG.  I refrain.  Because I don't think they'll fit in the overhead compartment.

* Onward to the mall.  First stop...wig shop!  Mom has been jonesing for a wig for years.  She's always hated her hair.  I told her to go for it, why not?!  She's still not sure. 

* On to the craft store and a home store.  And they have couches!  Mom and dad have been wanting new couches.  And mom wants a new recliner.  She can't reach the floor right now to rock.  She needs a shorter one.  But these are way too expensive.  We both enjoy the break though.  Those couches are soft....

* Lunch!  I have a small walnut, cranberry and feta salad, and one of her slider burgers.  And we skip dessert.  See?  I can balance!

* Back in the car, we drive around to Target and Old Navy.  Mom tries on a lot of pretty sundresses at Old Navy, but she's not happy with any of them.  Good effort, ma.

* Now at Target, we are uber productive.  No, we didn't get the drapes we wanted, but we got a rug for the kitchen and curtains to replace the vertical blinds across the sliding glass door.  I sense that will be tomorrow's project.

* We should go home now, as mom is hurting, but she really wants a couple of button down shirts to wear over her new tank tops.  And we happen to notice that there's a Goodwill right beside Home Depot.  So back over to Goodwill.

* Unfortunately, Goodwill is only open for 10 more minutes.  Crap.

* But Walgreens is right here and mama needs fingernail polish.

* Okay, now we're going home.  I mean it.

* Right after we stop at the grocery store real quick so I can run in and get tomatoes and a cucumber.  We're making macaroni salad for dinner.

* Okay, NOW we're going home.

* Time to relax and paint my toenails.  Cause mama bought me polish, too.  Hussy red!

* And then time to make dinner.  While we watch Ellen.  Freakin' hysterical.  I treat myself to a glass of sauvignon blanc.  Ah...refreshing.

* Dad decides to get part of the yard mowed since it's cooling off (uh...wha..?).  I show mom some skits from SNL with Justin Timberlake.  She loves him.  And she laughs her tushy off.

* Mom settles in for The Bachelorette.  Kill me.  I go call Todd.  And pour myself another glass of wine.

* The Bachelorette is still on after my phone call, so what can I do?  Um.  Sweep the kitchen!  I'm a bit parched so I pour another glass of wine.

* That was quick.  It's a small kitchen/dining room combo.  Is that a drip?  Might as well scrub the floor!  Dad says the mop is in the laundry room.  Mop?  Rae-rae don't need no stinkin' mop!  Hands and knees baby!

* Mom and dad finally get to witness my manic side.

* While washing the kitchen floor, dad and I talk about the Bin Laden and the Cold War.  Yes, I know they're not related.  Mom, meanwhile, sushes us because she can't hear what the masked man is saying the bachelorette.

* The floor is gleaming.  But my back hurts and I'm a bit tipsy so I plop down on the couch to mock the last 30 minutes of The Bachelorette.  Very entertaining.  To me.  Not to mom.  Might have to have one last glass of wine.  Oy.

* After The Bachelorette, we get sucked into Extreme Makeover, Weight Loss Edition.  This week is about Rachel.  She ends up losing 161 lbs and looks freakin' amazing.  I should be motivated, but instead I have two more cookies.  I'll be motivated tomorrow.

* It's time for bed.  And blogging.  And water.


Pic of the day:

The longer hair grows on you after a while.

See what I did there?  Grow.  Ha!


Dennis Kleinsmith said...

I think her hair looks great! The wig would be just for fun.

Dee said...

OMG - no, she can't have that much hair! No, no, no. :) That much hair would drive her crazy!

The Hamilton's said...

What a deal on the Adirondack chairs!!!!

I love Aunt Annie’s hair – no need for a wig unless it’s just for fun.

Your mom trying on sundresses? Huh?

And…you sound like me about eating cookies after watching a weight loss show.