Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend Update

I think I need a vacation day to recover from my three day weekend.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Saturday, after blogging, Kayleigh and I got ourselves together and headed out to tackle Southcenter mall.  And tackle we did. We started with lunch at Blue C, always a good way to start off a holiday weekend, then we hit Macy's, where I bought yet another huge bra.  Kayleigh wanted to get fitted, so we did that, but soon realized that the Macy's personnel was not quite as thorough as the Nordstrom gals.  So we headed over to Nordstrom afterwards.

Kayleigh went through a big girl fitting and then splurged on some new delicate items.  I was a proud mama.  I ended up returning the big ass bra that I bought a while back because 1) it was too tight and 2) it made my chest break out.  Yuck.  And I still couldn't find anything to spend my Christmas gift card on.

After Nordies, there was Guitar Center (where Kayleigh had a gift card) and then World Market (where I had a gift card, and returned some things) and then Old Navy (where Kayleigh had a gift card - she scored at Christmas) and then Party City for some Oscarware, as we are having an intimate group over Sunday night for the Oscars awards.

Then we had to hussle back home so Kayleigh and Tyler could catch the bus to Chief Sealth for a band concert.  So Todd and I took the opportunity to have dinner out and play some pool.

And it was then I realized that I am really old.  My left thumb hurt when trying to hold the cue and my right shoulder hurt when pulling back the cue.  Wonderful. 

We wrapped up early so we could go pick the kids up after the concert, and then Todd played me songs on YouTube as I fell asleep on the couch.  It was a long day.

Sunday was Todd's OA meeting here at the house and my Emerald City Comicon Minion meeting downtown.  Yes, I volunteered to be a minion at ECCC.  Since Todd is going to be sitting on Artist Alley with his buds for three days, I thought it would be fun for me to actually work the con. 

Well, there's also the William Shatner and James Marsters component.  Hee hee.  At the minion meeting, I made sure to introduce myself to the department heads that manage the media guests.  And since I know two of the founders of the comicon, I chit chatted with them a bit, as well.  Yes, I know how to work it.

After the meeting, I walked down to Nordstroms to try, once again, find something to buy.  No luck.  It's quite frustrating.

I headed home about 5pm, and found that Todd's OA meeting was over and social time had started.  Landon was still hanging out, Ron had come over and we were waiting for Theresa to arrive from Grays River.  She and her husband are old friends of Todd's and they just had a cutie pie little baby!  So we got some baby time in, as well as some old friend time, as another old friend of their's that I hadn't met yet, came over, too.

I love nights like that.  Impromptu gatherings where I end up laughing my ass off and serving Honey Bunnies and carrots that were left over from the Chinese New Year party because I was not planning on hosting.  But everyone was happy.

And today was a pretty lazy day.  Sleeping in until 11am, a leisurely breakfast, a coffee date with Shandalla, then some quality solo time reorganizing my clothes in the closet, cleaning out and straightening my dresser drawers and nightstand drawer and sending out some cards I've been meaning to send for a while.  Muy productive.

Now I sit here and blab to you about my weekend while Kayleigh is in her room singing at the top of her lungs and Tyler is already in bed for the night and Todd is at yet another OA meeting.  I've got my glass of Pinot Gris beside me and Tom sprawled across my lap. 

And the news tells me that it's snowing downtown.  Huh.

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