Saturday, February 19, 2011

Early Morning Ramblings

So, it's 8am. I am awake. I am on my second cup of coffee, and I'm eating an English muffin with Nutella.

I'm hooked on Nutella, and that's probably contributing to my weight gain.  Funny thing, on their website, they state that Nutella is the original hazelnut spread.  Is there another hazelnut spread?  I don't know of one.  So how can they be the "original" if there are no copies?

Anywho, I'm awake.  I woke up sneezing at 7:30am, and since I felt well rested and alert (and Tom was more interested in cleaning himself at my feet than cuddling), I figured I might as well actually get out of bed.  Plus, Monday is a holiday, so I have two more mornings to try to sleep in.

My bedside this morning:

That corner isn't as cluttered as it looks.  Just FYI.

Yes, those are tissues.  Also, please note the cough drop, earplugs and water on the table.  This is standard every night.  I get on my coughing fits in the middle of the night, so I chug some water hoping that will help, but it never does, so I pop a cough drop and suck on that as I go back to sleep.   I am well aware that this is dangerous.  But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to get some sleep.

Also, while looking for that picture, I ran across this one.

Aren't my boys precious?  Nap time at the Downing household.

And just to prove that Tom is a complete whore, and will lay on anyone and everyone:

This is Jenn and Scott, my new favorite people.  They came up for dinner in January, and it didn't take long for Tom to introduce himself to Scott's lap.  Luckily, they're cat people too.

I think I'll take Kayleigh shopping today.  Go to the mall, have some lunch with my girl, toodle around.  It's really sunny, but really windy here today.  We actually have snow in the forecast:

Care to take bets on if this will really happen?  We need some excitement around here!


What to do until Kayleigh wakes up?  I could go clean up my tissues, huh?  Maybe reorganize the clothes in my closet.  I'd like to have all of my T-shirts together, blouses together, strappy summery tops together.  Then I want to organize them by color.  Do I have the energy to do that right now?  Eh.  Maybe.  I could work on my address book, too.  I bought a new one (thank you, mommy, for my Barnes & Noble gift card).  I found, when doing Christmas cards, that my address book was horribly out of date.  I didn't remember some names I had in there.  And I still can't bring myself to erase Maydell's address.  I'll just leave her in there for now.  It's hard not to send her a Christmas card.

Moving on!  Happy thoughts!

I'm thinking more about that closet.  Todd is sitting here beside me, playing online with his buddies, so he doesn't need my attention right now.  Both cats are sleeping, both kids are sleeping.  I could get showered and cleaned up.  Maybe do some grooming.

Or maybe I need another cup of coffee first.  Just to really get the blood pumping.

Yeah, that sounds good.....

Happy Saturday!

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Kristin said...

Are you allergic to cats? I am (and I have one of course) and that's what my nightstand used to look like until I went to the doc and got some prescription allergy meds. I also developed allergy-induced asthma (good times!), so I got meds for that also. Anyway, that could be what the coughing and sneezing are from.

And don't feel bad - I sometimes sleep with a cough drop in too. It's either that, or cough for hours straight and not sleep. Paul is always there, so he perform the heimlich on me if I need it :)